Guest Article: Derek Pearson-Big Bags!

One thing about the Northwest- it rains. I’ve been looking around for bags that would fit nicely inside the Xtracycle’s saddlebags and keep my stuff dry in heavy rain. I also wanted to be able to park the bike and have something detachable, so I could bring things inside that I’d rather not have taken while the bike is parked. Granted, plastic garbage bags will get this done just fine, but it just doesn’t look stylin, plus they are awkward to stuff in there. Plus, I don’t really want to carry trash bags into a movie, grocery store etc.

Main features I was looking for

Must fit nicely in the existing pockets
Must be totally waterproof
Must look good

I think I’ve found that combo in the Overboard Duffel. For tech specs click here

Fits perfectly within the constraints of the sideloaders but isn’t too big to take out and haul around. The bags here are empty, semi deflated and not near to fully packed size.

Lots of space in there. Includes two zipper mesh pockets inside.

Opened up

As a side bonus, I can now carry stuff around when I want to go with the naked look. Just bungee the bag to the top and off we go.
This will be especially handy at night when I want to show off my new down low glow configuration.

First impressions of these bags…. SWEET


  1. RL Policar (Post author)

    Man those are the coolest Xtracycles I’ve ever seen!

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    By the way, did you just use a rattle can to paint the Xtracycle parts? Since you live in a rainy area, have you experienced your Xtracycle frame getting rust inside?

    I took my X to Sea Otter last year and it rained hard, now I have rust in the side tubes of the frame.

  3. derek

    Yep I rattle canned everything. No rust for me, I just sprayed some rust inhibitor in there(some primers have rust inhibitor in them) and no worries!

  4. Ghost Rider

    Derek, I saw this post earlier on your own site…those bags look tailor-made for the Xtracycle! How lucky is that?

    Great looking bikes and longboards…can I live in your garage? 😉

  5. Russ Roca

    Hmm…I might have to snag a bag and use it with my bilenky as a carry-all….

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