Planet Bike Superflash “Stealth”

By now, most of you are familiar with the highly-acclaimed Superflash rear blinkie made by the great folks at Planet Bike. This blinkie is widely regarded as the best AAA-powered rear bike light on the market, hands-down.

There’s a new flavor being offered, though, for those folks out there who object to white bicycle components or who want something a little more on the D.L….the Superflash “Stealth”:


Same great light, with a 1/2 watt Blaze red LED and two smaller eXtreme red LEDs. The rubber gasket sealing the two halves of the light has been improved, too, after some rider feedback suggested that the original gasket allowed water into the case. The Superflash has a unique light pattern, and it is truly DAZZLING. Moe did a rear light comparison back in December, and his article included a video that demonstrates just how powerful this little light is. Check it out here.

superflash stealth

This light is going to look fabulous on my super-stealth weekend commuter…a flat olive-green and black Trek 460!

One thing I should mention about Planet Bike…besides their support for bicycling (donating 25% of their profits to bike advocacy), they are really nice people who care about their customers. I ordered some replacement seatpost and rack brackets so that I could fit my old and new Superflashes on my fleet of bicycles, and when I placed my order the rear rack brackets were out of stock. Not a problem…I’m patient. A day later, Chris Follmer, ordering and customer service guru for Planet Bike, sent me an email stating that he found a spare bracket floating around their warehouse, and he just threw it into my package free of charge. Last time I ordered something from them, they tossed in some free stickers, too. Awesome!

Check out Planet Bike’s complete line of products…from powerful headlights to amazing blinkies to fenders, racks and just about everything else a commuter could need!


  1. Russ Roca

    I love Planet Bike. They make great products, they support advocacy and they’re greening their business practices.

  2. Marrock

    Do we get a discount if we mention your name or something? 😉

  3. Ghost Rider

    Marrock, I wish…no discounts for goodies, unfortunately. Believe me, I would TOTALLY take advantage of that!

  4. Aidan

    Planet Bike makes better products than most, cheaper than most, and donates far more than most. What’s wrong with the rest of the business?

    I have the old version of this light: ugly, but bright enough to run in daytime – mainly for underpasses. I have two sets of their fenders on my bikes, one on the wife’s, and a couple of their CO2 inflators. If you live in Canada, you’ll get them cheaper than I have seen online in the U.S.:

  5. db

    Another great thing Planet Bike does: when you order replacement parts like mounting brackets, they do not charge shipping or handling. They want you to replace small parts rather than replace an entire light, so that’s how they encourage you to do so.

    To encourage you to rebuild your stuff rather than toss it in the rubbish bin, we offer free shipping on all spare parts.

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  8. bikingbrady

    I’ve used one of these all winter commuting. It is absolutely a required purchase for early morning/late night commuters!

  9. Quinn

    I find that the clear lens-red “bulb” is easier to see b/c you can see 3 individual lights.

  10. Rick

    Another bonus… it is in stock. I just ordered two.

    I mentioned you guys, maybe they’ll cut you a break in the future.

  11. Ghost Rider

    Thanks Rick…if you haven’t used a Superflash before, you WON’T be disappointed!

  12. Roshal

    Hey I’ll be getting a stealth very soon in the mail. I was wondering though… a few users complained that superflash would sometimes fall off the mount. As in the half with the most weight, the leds + board + batteries, would seperate from the black or white plastic half. Does anyone know if they have fixed this in the stealth??? I don’t want to drop $30 literally. Plus I’m OCD lol. Do you think the improved gasket you talked about fixed it? How does a light that you need a coin to open, separate itself if yougo over a bump?? As a result people have tried to reduce the vibrations to the light thus reduce the chances of a dismount, by using it on pants/bags rather than directly on the bike. Read my comment here for more on what I still plan to do:

  13. Ghost Rider

    Roshal, I’ve got six Superflashes, both Stealth and otherwise…even a really old one with the original leaky gasket. None of them have EVER popped off or separated unless I wanted them to, and I’ve run them over some pretty tough conditions.

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