Stolen Bike Alert — Downtown Tampa

Some dirty bastard scofflaw made off with my wife’s Biria yesterday from the employee parking garage at Tampa General Hospital.

Biria Easy Boarding 3

If you spot this unique bike in or around downtown Tampa, please call the Tampa Police Department’s District One office at 813-354-6600.

Death to bike thieves!!!


  1. Moe

    No F@#!ng way! Man that blows!! Make sure to check out CraigsList, local Pawn shops and Ebay.

  2. Mike Myers

    Damn, Jack, that really really sucks. Moe’s right—I’d check all the obvious resale location. The Biria is pretty unique. How did the thief defeat the lock?

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  4. Ghost Rider

    The thief cut a heavy cable, but there was also a U lock through the front wheel and frame — so whoever stole it had to physically carry it away or load it into a truck, all within sight of two parking lot attendants in their booths. Something STINKS about that arrangement!

  5. RL

    Oh man, I’m so sorry for your loss. That really sucks!

  6. Priscilla

    NNOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Jack! That is heart breaking to hear. 🙁 I hope it turns up soon. 🙁 Something sounds a little off about that though – two parking lot attendants nearby? Any chance they have security cameras?

  7. Mike Myers

    Damn, Jack. Sounds like somebody’s in cahoots with the thief. Priscilla’s right about the cameras—-surely TGH has cameras in the parking lot.

    Somebody carrying a 40 pound Biria out with a lock attached to the front wheel would surely LOOK suspicious. Either the parking lot attendants didn’t see, didn’t care, or called their buddy the bike thief to tip him off about the sweet Biria in the lot. Any other bike thefts recently?

  8. Ghost Rider

    6 or 7 other thefts in the past 10 days, and a nearby security camera pointing at a wall rather than at the racks. Wow. It sounds more and more suspicious, eh?

  9. cafn8

    Very Suspicious. At the least very negligent.

  10. ragged claws

    It’s a beautiful bike, aesthetically speaking. Its also obviously unique and valuable. My sympathy to your wife. Seems like the bike would be hard to sell without drawing attention to itself and the seller. I am hoping that attention will be drawn and you get your bike back.

  11. ragged claws

    Yikes… as an english professor I am professionally obligated to point out that the “its” in the second sentence should be “it’s.”

  12. Ghost Rider

    Chris, you’re off the hook for your grammatical error — we’re all guilty of such at one time or another!

    Thanks for the kind words. I sure hope this bike “pops up” somewhere where we can recover it.

  13. Iron Man

    Thieves drive me nuts. Often their philosophy is “I’m not ripping you off. Your big insurance company will take care of you. It’s a victimless crime.” Those morons have no concept of a deductible, which probably won’t cover the retail price of the bike.

    Who goes stealing on Mother’s Day anyhow? Total losers.

  14. Smudgemo

    If I’m reading this correctly (and I don’t want to be accused of blaming the victim), it sounds like a better way would be to lock the frame to the rack using the U-lock and then run the cable through the wheels and frame creating two locks to break. Nothing impossible, but definitely discouraging if there are other bikes that are easier to get at.

    My condolences, and I hope you find it. It would seem to be enough to go out of the way to brave traffic and do something better for the environment without having to be targeted for theft on top of it.

  15. Ghost Rider

    Smudgemo…good point. My wife doesn’t have the same body of experience that others among us do, so I agree that the U-lock could have been better placed.

    On the other hand, that frame is so fat and unique that it is quite difficult to lock up with a standard U lock. Next time we’re going to get one of those stout “New York” chains from Kryptonite for flexibility’s sake.

  16. 2whls3spds

    I highly recommend the Krypto NY Fahgettaboudit® along with a second U-lock. In the past I have left the chain locked to the bike rack at work so I didn’t have to drag the beast back and forth. Bike thieves in particular really piss me off, plus the fact that the police typically consider bike theft a “low impact” crime. Of course it isn’t to the person that got ripped off! It also sounds to me like a letter to the head of HR or security at you wife’s place of employment is in order. What if it had been a personal attack and the camera wasn’t aimed properly…can you spell “lawsuit” boys and girls!


  17. Gabriel

    My heart goes out to you – being ripped off makes you feel like someone punched you in the gut, and you don’t even have someone to punch back.

    I’ll be keeping my eyes open.

  18. Raiyn

    I have to say that I respectfully disagree with Ghost Rider’s assessment of the situation. Fat frame or no, properly locking the Easy Boarder shouldn’t require anything more than a standard U-lock and a locking cable. It would most likely mean removing the panniers so that the lock could be fastened around the seatstays, through the rear wheel and around the (I presume) rack (Going either both legs through the wheel or one inside and one outside the fender would be fine though the latter would occupy more space in the lock leaving less for tools.) From there it’s a simple matter of running the cable lock (I prefer models with a built in KEYED lock) through the front wheel, frame, and rack.

    Helpful link, (not mine, but an associate from bikeforums)

  19. Ghost Rider

    Raiyn, I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you. You weren’t there, as the saying goes.

    As I mentioned earlier, the rider doesn’t have the same body of locking experience as you must…regardless, the bike is gone and lessons have been learned.

  20. Raiyn

    Jack, since we’re being respectful, I do have to say one thing and I don’t want it taken the wrong way. She’s your wife, if anything you should have educated her about locking strategy. Having said that, the bike’s gone now, as you said. It’s my hope that you and she (as well as the other readers of this blog) are better armed and informed for the future.

  21. Ghost Rider

    Raiyn, believe me…I did. All sorts of basic lock strategies were explored before I set my wife loose upon the streets with her shiny rig.

    Again, different bikes and different racks open up a host of differing strategies that a beginner might not successfully negotiate without a lot of practice. Besides, the configuration of the racks and their proximity to live humans instilled a sense of wellbeing and perceived safety that just wasn’t there (I’ve fallen for that myself in other circumstances, you know).

    In any case, it’s a learning process for the both of us, and we’re definitely better armed for next time! Thanks for your concern…

  22. Anthony

    There are two Biria’s on Tampa’s craigslist this week. While they look different colors, you should check out the ad. Good luck.

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