Bicycle riders on the freeway

Saw this video on the morning news today:

I think that the riders made their point that riding is faster than driving, but how many motorists go it?


  1. RL

    dang that’s nuts!

  2. Donald

    Haha! So illegal, but so awesome! I hope the motorists were kicking themselves for driving cars.

  3. Sairen

    As a semi-regular bike commuter, I am both appalled and dismayed. This sort of illegal stunt riding only makes it more difficult for legally biking commuters. Not only is it illegal, it’s extremely dangerous. While I’m amused at the point it’s making, perhaps it would be better done on a congested street riding on the right shoulder instead weaving through traffic unpredictably. These people should be embarrassed.

  4. ragged claws

    Agreed, but I still dig it.

  5. Jon Karak

    Yea, Um, one cyclist weaving through stop-and-go traffic on the freeway does not make people want to get out of their cars and ride a bike. A stunt like that achieves the complete opposite effect.

    If you want to promote cycling, do me a favor and stop helping.

  6. Iron Man

    Ahh, the unbelievable stupidity of youth and the adrenaline addicted. Isn’t L.A. already road rage central?

  7. Rick

    And here I am thinking the time I took a 125cc scooter on the highway was suicide…

  8. Michael

    Yeah great. They make the motorist furious and then they come and take it out on us. I don’t want to be the target of someones festering road rage. Right now there are idiots getting new ideas. Please stop showing the video.

  9. russ roca

    Not the brightest thing….but I will admit to having those fantasies when I find myself stuck in a freeway parking lot 🙂

  10. Tim

    I understand the point they’re trying to make, but bikes don’t belong on the freeway. It doesn’t help convert the drivers and stands them a pretty good chance of getting hurt. Not to mention that it was pretty illegal.

  11. r.

    I understand the point, but I’ve seen people get killed in their cars on I-40. These people are so damn lucky they didn’t get killed.

    I just wish people would stop trying to be the hippest person and just do the right thing.

  12. Ghost Rider

    Yep, it looks like a lot of fun — thumbing your nose at motorists has a certain smug pleasure, but everyone’s right: this ISN’T gonna convince motorists of anything but the perception that bicyclists are crazy scofflaws.

    I really liked Jon’s comment: “If you want to promote cycling, do me a favor and stop helping”.

  13. Lance

    Morons like this are usually behind the wheel! Who gave them a bike?



  15. Moe (Post author)

    Although I don’t condone the actions of the riders, they are getting attention. The news have been touting it as “A protest for high gas prices”, nice little spin for those who are not on the know…


    Motorists were not mad… Motorists cheered!

  17. BikeMike

    That’s cool, but what happens when it comes to hills? The bike doesnt seem as speedy then, does it. That is when you need a car; Tennessee.(hilly+Mountainous)

  18. Mihai

    I wish more of you people watched PBS or had parents explain to you how ecosystems work on this doggone planet.

    Any press is good press when people in the most polluted city in North America are apathetic enough to keep driving their cars in 5mph bumper to bumper traffic. I just wish folks on these blogs would start discussing solutions instead of the actual ride itself. Think outside the box people, free your mind from the status quo.

  19. Moe (Post author)

    The solution is simple: Ride your bike to work the legal way.

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