Bike commuting in the heat

Sunny and really hot Southern California

The temperature in Southern California has soared over 90 degrees. Needless to say, it kind of sucks to be commuting in this heat. Here are a few articles on how to deal with it:

Dealing with the heat by Ghost Rider

Arriving Sweat Free by Ghost Rider

Why I do it by The Veloteer

How to avoid being smelly when you get to your destination by RL

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  1. Ghost Rider

    I know a thing or two about riding a bike in the heat…it can be quite unpleasant, but I’d rather do it any day than be trapped in a rolling metal box!

  2. Iron Man

    Missouri gets dang hot in the height of summer too (highs in the upper 90s are common). What makes it worse is the high humidity. I’ve learned that on the super hot days it pays to just slow it way down, ride well under your limits, and carry extra water.

    Funny thing about riding in the heat (and cold) is it makes you more tolerant outdoor temps. Folks that spend all their time in climate controlled spaces just can’t hack it as well.

  3. db

    +1 on what Iron Man said about building heat/cold tolerance on a bike.

    We hit 96 degrees over the weekend, and while it wasn’t fun, we weren’t melting like some folks. I’m listening to some of my coworkers this morning, and a number of them elected to stay indoors with the AC running all weekend. We rode both days, and then I rode in this morning.

  4. howdager

    New Orleans if flippin hot!!! All you can do is drink water and surrender to the heat. It’s never too hot to ride, just too hot to smell nice!

  5. Dacius

    Don’t stop immediately. I sweat the most when I stop. Ride around for about 5 minutes, just cooling off, barely pedaling. Let the wind do its job.

    I commute 26+ miles a day to and from work. Some days, depending on the heat, I never sweat. Other days I look like I rode through a rain storm. Just depends on wind conditions, your physical exertion and your speed.

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