Green Tuesday: Natural Lube 7A and Chuck Harris mirrors

Nothing annoys me more than a squeaky drivetrain, so when RL gave a bottle of Natural Lube 7A to use on my bike, I was happy. Then he tells me that the lube is made from natural ingredients and environment friendly, now I was more than happy. Here’s what Natural 7A says about this product:

We have an all purpose lubricant that is actually engineered and designed to lubricate regardless of the conditions and is natural , shelf stable and yes , you could eat , drink and cook with it but it would not do those things very well as it is a lubrication oil.

I applied the lube to my Ibex X-ray, and was enjoying the sounds of nature and a smooth drivetrain, instead of the annoying sounds of a squeaky chain. I’ve applied the oil to most of my bikes, I will do a follow up post to see how this lube holds up on my commuter and mountain bikes.

My next ‘Green’ bike accessory is a Chuck Harris helmet mirror. Rick Logue from ‘My Two Mile Challenge‘ really sang its praises so I went on a ‘google hunt’ and the great people from the Austin Cycling Association sold me a couple of them.

So what is so green about this mirror? Well, they are handmade by Chuck Harris with a recycled bicycle spoke and recycled plastic parts! I will also do a follow up post on the durability and functionality of this mirror.


  1. db

    Will be interested to hear about the lube. I’ve been looking at getting a biodegradeable, non-toxic one, but I’ve not heard many opinions on non-petroleum brands’ effectiveness.

    Here’s another brand, a soy-based lubricant:


  2. cafn8

    I’m interested in hearing how this lube holds up in real world commuting conditions too (rain, dust, mud, high miles, frequent acceleration, etc.) Come to think of it, those are probably similar to mountain biking conditions.

  3. Ghost Rider

    db, we’re testing Ernesto Lube right now, too…I got a bottle a couple months ago and it’s been applied to three of my bikes. Without giving too much away, “so far, so good”.

  4. db

    Awesome, GR! Looking forward to reading about it.

  5. Rick

    Holy crap…. someone listened to me. That does not happen too much.

    I promise. You will not be disappointed. Now, if I could just find a picture of Chuck’s 1951 Raleigh, you would be even more impressed. I’m lucky to have me him several times.

  6. Moe (Post author)

    The one with is home-made rear derailleur?

  7. Rick

    Yup… and the 65(?) tooth big gear. I saw the back end of him as he passed me on the hills of southern Ohio.

  8. Vince

    What a great product and just in time for tuning season. 🙂

  9. Chris

    Would like to know how to get a couple of the Chuck Harris recycled bicycle helmet mirrors!

  10. Wayne

    If you’d like to purchase a mirror, contact Chuck Harris at:
    Ultra-Light Bicycle Mirrors
    P.O.Box 363
    Gambier, Ohio 43022

    He is always at the Horsey Hundred in Georgetown, KY. on Memorial weekend.

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