Coast-To-Coast Bike Journey in One Day

Yesterday, good friend and supreme bicycle advocate Alan Snel completed a one-day bicycle journey from Vero Beach, on the Atlantic coast of Florida, all the way to Clearwater Beach on the Gulf of Mexico side. Florida is the only place in the U.S. where you can visit two oceans by bike in one day, and Alan covered 170 miles.

coast to coast

Alan did this ride to remember and honor his friend, bicyclist Bill Fox, who died June 1, 2002 in a bicycle accident in NY state. There’s a great story written by Alan about Bill Fox in New York’s Times Herald-Record.

During the journey, Alan got a lot of great “SAG” support from Steve Swiger, Ken Sturrock and other members of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club as well as moral support from some other fantastic folks: Alan’s sweetie Jennifer and my own personal “sweeper supporter” Ellen Pierson.

Read all about Alan’s multi-part adventure on his blog: Alan Snel’s Bicycle Stories and Other Misadventures on the Road of Life.


  1. Palm Beach Bike Tours

    Much props to Alan! I’m jealous!

    For years, my father and I talked about riding across Florida from coast to coast. At the end of 2007 (when it finally got coolish), we stopped the talking and did our cross-Florida ride. Unlike Alan who powered across the state in one day, we decided to take it easy and cross in three. The first day, I did a full century — my first — but we did a lot fewer miles the next two days.

    We started in Hobe Sound and headed east to Ft. Myers. I’m glad we did it but I doubt we’ll do that route again. The first day was nice and the second day was okay but the closer we got to Ft. Myers, the less fun the roads were.

    After our Key’s Ride (Key Largo to Key West, about a hundred miles), we had pretty much the same feeling.

    I like these sorts of challenge/superlative rides because I can really get my head into training and can then pound out the miles on the ride. Afterwards, however, I feel a bit empty. I get to claim crossing Florida on a bike but, in retrospect, the ride wasn’t all that pretty and it was a grind. There are certainly better places to ride.


  2. David Regen

    Nice Job, Alan. It can be hard looking for fresh challenges but you never stop trying.


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