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My wife is pretty cool about me riding a bike to work, although sometimes I think that she doesn’t quite understand why I do it. My girls were at Grandma’s this weekend so we took advantage of it to do some errands by bike.

Our dog needed some food so we went to our local Petsmart to fill up her pantry. I can’t stress enough how useful the Xtracycle Freeradical is, I’m really loving it.

My wife and I had a great time riding our bikes to the market, she felt really good about leaving the car at home and getting some riding time on her bike. I think she now understands my passion for riding to work and using a bike for utilitarian purposes.

So how does your significant other feel about you being a Bike Commuter?


  1. Evan

    Wow great timing on this post!

    My girlfriend has always been supportive of me riding, but she worries about me when I’m out there on the busy streets. She gets especially nervous when I ride at night so I try to avoid it. I show her all of my blinkies and florescent jerseys and explain to her how safe I am.

    I’ve been trying to get her to ride with me for over 2 years, but she’s been terrified of bikes. Once or twice she used one of my bikes and we tried a brief 5 minute ride, but it never went well.

    Eventually it hit me that if I wanted her to ride with me, she would need to have a bike of her own that she felt comfortable on. A couple weeks ago I bought her a ladies beach cruiser and made her promise that she’d go on a ride with me.

    Well, I’m proud to say that yesterday it finally happened! We had a nice ride around the bay where we met up with some friends (also on bikes) and then pedaled over to get some frozen yogurt.

    And the best part was when it was over she told me how much fun she had! She said now she understands why everyone rides bikes in our neighborhood (Pacific Beach, CA).

    She’s still a little nervous to ride, but I think a couple more outings and she’ll be loving it….at least I hope.

  2. RL

    That’s great Evan.

    You should go on a date on your next ride.


  3. Elaine

    We’ll see. πŸ™‚ I’m getting my first bike in YEARS back from the shop on Friday. I also managed to acquire a second bike that will hopefully fit my bf. He has fond memories of using his bike as his primary mode of transportation as a kid, but we’ll have to see if he finds utilitarian bike riding fun or a hassle as adults.

  4. Priscilla

    Well that sure is a nice cruiser Moe! =D Glad to hear she is getting in some miles on it!

  5. Mike C

    My wife thought I was crazy, but after doing the 35mi r/t commute, she’s changed her tune. We ride recreationally a bit. Recently, we just picked up an old Burley tandem, and she claims that once we get up to speed on that, she’ll give the commute a chance. Can’t wait! We’ve been out on it a couple times just to see if it would kill us (or if we’d kill each other…) and since we’re still around, she’s been making noises about the commute. Stay tuned…

  6. Iron Man

    My wife is very supportive. She certainly loves the gas savings. She even mentioned to me that she’s really proud of me for riding, especially through the Winter months.

    She’s a stay-at-home mom, an avid cyclist and athlete for that matter, but I doubt she would bike commute if she were working unless we could ride together. She just cannot bring herself to ride alone. Her reasons for not are a combo or nerves, safety, and route selection.

    She even took my recent accident quite well. I was afraid she’d be a little fearful about me riding again, but she was really supportive…maybe too supportive. Perhaps she took out a larger life insurance policy on me…hmmm….

  7. Ghost Rider

    My wife is so supportive that she’s a bike commuter herself! She “dipped her toes into the water”, as it were, by trying it on low-traffic weekends. After a few weeks of that, she jumped in headfirst and now does it every work day.

    Despite a temporary setback of having her bike stolen (luckily, she had a backup bike), she seems to really enjoy it, and she’s been regaling me with stories of idiot drivers and bizarre things she’s seen on the road. Awesome!!!

  8. Colin

    My significant other is also a bike commuter. She isn’t quite as dedicated as me, for example she won’t ride if it’s raining, whereas I ride in all weather.

    She’s not really a “bike person”. She rides because it’s the quickest and most convenient way for her to get to work. We live in the inner-city and it’s relatively bike friendly and the distances travelled are short. It’s more of a European model of everyday utilitarian cycling than a US “bike commuter” model.

  9. Marrock

    Get a BoB, hippy.


  10. 2whls3spds

    My wife has a very nice 21 speed GT Slipstream that she would ride occasionally. Purchased in 2000, in 2006 we “won” a 1972 Raleigh Colt in her size (17″) she has ridden that bike more in the past year or so than the GT was ridden in the previous 5, just have to have the correct equipment…LOL


  11. Jewell

    My boyfriend as much a bicycle fiend as I, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We both are involved in bicycle advocacy and love working on any bikes we get our grimy hands on. Often we joke that one day we’ll be that crazy bohemian couple on the block that fixes bikes, grows our own food, and has visitors all the time.

  12. Dan

    My wife is very supportive of my riding, always giving me the time I need, and not complaining about my occasional lust for accessories.

    However, she hates riding and has no urge to even go around the block, let alone into town.

    Her last ride was the Indianapolis NITE ride a few years ago. The bike hasn’t left the garage since.

  13. Mike Myers

    My GF isn’t a cyclist, but she likes me much better when I’m exercising. She says I’m nicer and more mellow. Plus I know she likes the shaved legs.

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