Want to start riding your bike to work? We have tips for ya!

We get a few emails from people that want to start riding their bike to work, so here’s a round up of previous articles, how to’s and tips to help you get started:

Tools for the new bike commuter By Ghost Rider

How to get involved by Greg Raisman

A handy Cargo Tip by Tom Hewitt

Another Cargo Tip
by Quinn

Regular bike commuter maintenance by Ghost Rider

Anatomy of Multi-modal Bike Commute by Alan Barnard

Why not ride on the sidewalks? by Moe

Resources for the New Bike Commuter by Ghost Rider

How to avoid being smelly when you get to your destination by RL

Quick advice: Follow the rules of the road, be defensive, act like drivers can’t see you and plan your route carefully. Remember the shortest route is not always the safest.


  1. DEMax

    I am starting my rail / folding-bike to work commute tomorrow. I think I have everything in order thanks to this website. I’ll let you know how it goes!!!

  2. Ghost Rider

    DEMax, thanks for the kind words, and we wish you luck. Be sure to keep us updated on your adventures!!

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