Today was one of those days… you know, one of those days that you forget something for your bike commute. Except that I didn’t realize what I’ve forgotten until I got on my bike and started to pedal. My Ibex X-ray is equipped with Crank Brothers eggbeater pedals, the ones with no platforms:

As I began to pedal, I tried to clip in… SLIP! WTF? I tried again… SLIP!!! Nothing engaged, no ‘click’ noise… I tried to clip in with my other foot… SLIP!!! WTF!!!!

DUH!!!!! I forgot that I removed the cleats from this pair of shoes and installed them on my new pair of MTB shoes!!!!! I couldn’t go back and switch shoes since I was already running late. Needless to say, my commute was a little slow today, I kept slipping and I really couldn’t stand up to pedal.

Just another mistake bike commuters make…


  1. logan

    My boss and I went for a bike ride yesterday and he forgot his shoes. He had to do the full ride in Crocs.

  2. 2whls3spds

    Power grips and block pedals are your friends 😉


  3. Tim Grahl

    Reminds me of the time I was in a hurry to meet some buddies for a mtb ride… grabbed my helmet, gloves, water, shoes, etc etc. When I was about a mile from the trail head I looked back and remembered I had taken my bike out of the back of the car the day before…

  4. Ghost Rider

    Holy cow…you forgot your whole bike?!? That’s classic!

  5. Phil


  6. Clancy

    My friend, Greg Randolph, once raced in flipflops cause he forgot his shoes. He later went on to the 1996 Olympics.

  7. Iron Man

    I’m always forgetting to flip down the lever on my brakes after I’ve worked on my wheels. I’ll then try and hit the brakes on a ride and think “man these brakes got mushy all of a sudden.” Then I’m too lazy to stop so I try reaching down and flipping the lever while still moving, which causes me to swerve like a drunk or risk losing a finger in the moving wheel.

  8. db

    Forgot to reattach my rear side-pull brake last night after patching the rear tire. Luckily my first stop of the morning was a gentle one…

  9. tad

    One time I put my (very heavy and stuffed) backpack on one arm instead of both. I then mount my bike and off I go. About 20 feet down the road, my pack slips off my back and falls to rest around my right elbow. Luckily I was gripping the bars quite firmly. As I erratically steer all around trying to keep my balance, the only thing I can think is “I’m going to frickin’ wipe out in front of all these people.” I managed to pull to the side of the road, replace my backpack on BOTH arms and then off I went.
    I won’t make that mistake again!

  10. Cornfed Jay

    I used to commute to my employer that had a shower and I’d grab a quick shower once I arrived to wash off the stink. I had a pair of bike shorts on underneath my cargo shorts for the ride in (we midwestern boys are modest and tend to shun the spandex only look)..anyway got to work, showered and noticed I forgot my change of clean underwear. Sheesh!

  11. Protijy

    Done the forgot boxers thing…. Nothing like free ballin it in a meeting with the CEO 🙂

    Worst thing I’ve done so far is forgot lunch!! with nowhere near by to eat at my office it was a tough 20 mile ride home being that hungry!

  12. Commuter Murali

    This exact issue is why I switched to pedals that are clips (SPD) on one side and platforms on the other. Only on my commute bike, though.

  13. BodhiSativa

    Leave shoes, pants and shirt at work as extras. Though I wear those shoes daily.
    Belt! Belts are my forgetting nemesis. I have most often forgotten belts and that just sux cause I am on my feet ALL DAY. Once I even used a piece of Theraband ( I am a chiro) as a belt….that was pretty much awful and did nothing for my appearance.
    I don’t know why I do not leave a belt here. In fact, I will leave mine here tonight. Just so happens to be the black/brown reversible type all the better.

    Just last week I thought I forgot my belt and I thankfully had left one on my extra pants due to having forgot my pants…, yeah, forgetting daily necessities just blows.

  14. Paul Rivers

    I’ve made 2 big mistakes. I had just started bike commuting to work, and it was a long commute – an hour. It was all on off-street bike trails, though, so it was rather pretty and unstressful, but it was long. When I got my bike fitting the guy had suggested that I switch from mountain bike pedals/shoes to road pedals/shoes because they would be better on my knees for biking that kind of distance so often. So I was wearing road shoes and biker tights on my ride, and I would change when I got to work.

    Naturally, you can imagine what happened –
    One day I forgot my shoes and had to spent the entire day walking around in road biking shoes. You know, the ones with the giant clip and absolutely no traction? Yeah. 🙂 Luckily I have a desk job, but it was still a really long day.

    On another day after that – well, I had a bag on my bike rack. I had panniers but I didn’t like to use them for my commute because I felt that they slowed me because of wind resistance (I tested it out, it wasn’t just an idle thought). So I put my shoes and raincoat in the bag, and strapped my jeans to the top of the bag. Well, after riding an hour to work I arrived to find that my jeans were no longer on my bike. Imagine my panic – I was going to have to go back and trace my steps over an hour long route, which would make me 2 or 2.5 hours late for work. All my normal stuff was in my jeans – my wallet, my card to get into my office building…had someone else picked up my jeans and I lost my drivers license and credit cards? And neither of this things was as bad as the prospect of spending the day wearing biker tights around the office! Holy crap – I’d rather be 2 hours late to work than do that.

    You can imagine my relief when I found my jeans lying on the sidewalk 4 blocks back – they had come loose when I hit the sidewalk bump. I was only 5 minutes late to work, I didn’t lose my id or credit cards, and I had normal jeans to wear for work…the first thing I did when I got home that night was get in my car, drive to the store, and buy an extra pair of jeans and shoes to leave at work so they’d never, ever, ever, ever fall off my bike again. 🙂

  15. Mike Myers

    The worst thing I’ve ever forgotten is my water bottle. This is a major problem, since my commute is long(profile coming this weekend, Jack, I promise!). By the time I reached down for the first drink, I was 6 miles down the road and had no time to backtrack. So I had to ride in the remaining 16 miles with no water. In the morning it wasn’t so bad, but there’s no way I could have done the ride home in 97 degree heat. So I bought a bottle of Gatorade and kept it in my jersey pocket.

    When I was car free I got 5 miles down the road and had the scary thought that I left the range on. I had to backtrack only to find out it was off. That was a long morning.

  16. Ghost Rider

    Mike, I’m holding you to it 😉

    These are some great stories, everyone –Keep ’em coming!

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