Man, it was hot today!

Gratuitous Redline R550 Picture.

I usually brag about the fabulous weather that we enjoy in Southern California, but man, today was hot! Check out the temperature on the lower left corner of my watch:

Some of you may not think that it is not a big deal, but the weather in SoCal has been weird lately, sometimes is cold, sometimes is ideal and sometimes is freaking hot… all in one week! Could it be that global warming thing that I hear people talk about?


  1. Rapps

    Here in Michigan we can relate. Last week temp. at 95 degrees, heat index at 104 or so. Husband biked to the post office, his bike computer gave temp at 102. Today it’s 55 when I get up and didn’t get over 70 all day. Rode home and got an ear ache from the cool wind- it’s too strange, kids out of school summer break, can’t wear shorts would fracken freeze!

  2. Vince

    I’m live in socal as well and agree with the fluctuation in temps recently. I’m starting to commute and the 100+ temps are certainly challenging but in no way discouraging. Carry plenty of water and remember the difference you’re making.

  3. Kate

    I live in New Orleans. I have just given myself over to the sweat. But damn, it’s hot!

  4. Ghost Rider

    It doesn’t get quite that hot here (low 90s in the dead of summer), but we have to contend with 80% humidity. That’s brutal — the sweat just doesn’t evaporate and a quick trip around the block results in serious wetness! It is probably even stickier in NOLA, though — summertime there is like stepping into a simmering crockpot!

  5. Dman

    Ha, 99. I live in Augusta, GA. Which, for some reason, tends to be the hottest place in GA. One day last year I did a 16 mile mountain bike ride with an outside temp of 106, NOT including the heat index, and humidity is pretty much always 100%! We were the hotest place in the country that day I believe. I drank 2L of water on that ride haha. Ghost Rider’s comment about 80% humidity made me realize just how humid GA can be….on the news this morning the weatherman was talking about how today was going to be nice, temps. in the low 90’s and low humidity, only 80%!

    The heat isn’t so bad once you get use to it, but I haven’t gotten use to it yet (we’ve already had a week were temps were over 100 for several days in a row…) for this summer.

  6. Brian K

    In Phoenix it has been 111 or about. A Polar bottle full of ice will last about 90 minutes.

  7. Iron Man

    Anyone ever do the Hotter N’ Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls, TX? I’ve done it twice and the temps both times were 110-113 F on the blacktop. Dry heat though. So while you are still overheating you aren’t swimming in your own sweat (which actually causes your sweat glands to stop working). Missouri doesn’t get as hot as that, but the humidity makes it worse than the higher heat of Texas.

  8. jt

    113 yesterday afternoon during my 7-mile ride home from work. But I’d *way* rather have that than snow and rain.

    Mesa, AZ

  9. derek

    Global warming BAH! We’ve had one sunny day in June. The rest have been rainy or cloudy and highs around 60.
    I’m seriously considering buying a Hummer and just leaving it running in the driveway to help get this global warming kickstarted..

  10. Cornfed Jay

    Moe: Thermometer on your watch? What a geek! I suppose that puppy also has a barometer with a map displaying isobars…

    Rapps: Not sure where the hell in MI you are…I’m in mid-Mich and we haven’t seen anything close to 95 since last summer….

    Iron Man: Dry heat? Yeah…so is a blast furnace!

    Riding in the heat..yeah…a pain. However I’d like to see someone break my record of commuting to work with air temp of 6 below! (Not to mention wind chill). This of course excludes all Canadians, they make all of us here in the US look like wimps when it comes to winter riding.

  11. Iron Man

    Cornfed, heat sucks no doubt, but trust me there is a difference. The HHH I spoke off has over 10,000 riders participate. Of that I think they average 2,000 that need to be yanked from the ride and stuck with an IV because of heat exhaustion. That said I’ll take the dry heat any day. It sucks to be covered in sweat because it isn’t evaporating.

  12. Moe (Post author)

    Cornfed: Of course I’m a bike geek!!! I love gadgets.. the Suunto X3 not only displays temperature and barometer pressure but it also displays altitude AND it is a heart monitor. That was my father’s day gift…

  13. venison

    I recently started a commute in orange county, CA and need to agree that yesterday was just evil. I think the marine level must have been low, because the air felt dirty, the sunset was brown, and there was not a hint of a breeze. Do any of you ride in areas heavily affected by smog? Do you avoid riding on days when smog alerts are posted? this is just a health question from a newby.

  14. Moe (Post author)

    I ride close to the San Gabriel Valley, I can see the smog but I still ride. The only time I didn’t ride was last year when we had those fires and it was raining ash.

  15. Paul

    So far this “summer” , since it’s not even official yet, Austin TX has had 14 100 degree HOT days so far and always windy (not great in hilly Austin) makes like riding into a hair dryer!! This is truly testing my commitment to bike commuting since I got rid of my car. I don’t know how all of you in really humid places keep at it!

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