Hello from Ojai, CA

I’m currently on a mini vacation with my spouse, we are in the beautiful town of Ojai, CA. I thought that it would be a good idea to bring a couple of bikes to putz around the small town, Ojai seems to be bicycle friendly.

Plenty of bike racks around town

At the entrance of the Ojai Valley Trail

One great thing about Ojai is the Ojai Valley Trail, this trail runs about 13 miles from downtown Ojai to the beach town of Ventura. My wife is not really big in cycling, so she was hesitant about doing the 26 mile trip to the beach. Somehow, I convinced her. She was glad she did it, we were rewarded with nice views of the Ojai Valley.

We ended up riding 35 miles total, I was very proud of my wife, that’s the longest she’s ever ridden a bike!

The Xtracycle was very convenient on this trip, I didn’t have to worry about how to carry stuff that we bought in some stores. My wife rode the Redline R550, she found it very comfortable and very easy to ride. I’ll be back tomorrow with some gear updates, meanwhile, enjoy work!


  1. chiggins

    In Ojai: If you’re all the way up there, Jim & Rob’s Fresh Grill has a chicken axiote burrito that’s pretty wonderful.

    If you’re close to Lake Casitas, and are into disc golf at all, there’s a championship level course at Coyote Point (they can point you to it from the lake entrance).

    But if you’re down in Ventura, by the pier, then you’re about a quarter to a half mile away from the best burrito in the world.

    Corrales is on Thompson and Ash (go to the pedestrian overpass across from the pier, go over the train tracks, head straight up and Thompson’s right there). Make sure to get the hot sauce, it’s homemade. The pico de gallo is also really good.

    Mouth’s watering for Corrales now, and I’m stuck on the East Coast. This is rough.

  2. Shek

    The 13 mile looks like a sweet ride.
    We have one in Jacksonville…14 miles of the Jax-Baldwin trail. But it starts from a nowhere location and ends into another nowhere location. They were going for the journey-is-more-important-than-the-destination thing but forgot all about having a destination.

  3. Jayme Lynn

    i remember when i rode my bike just 20 miles the first time, i thought that was amazing…

    then dominic and i went on an adventure and wound up doing 75 miles roundtrip.

    it’s pretty amazing what you’re capable of doing without knowing. kudos to your wife! that’s awesome!

  4. Ghost Rider

    Oooh, she’s gonna be hooked now. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourselves!

  5. RL

    Good job Grace…especially in flip flops!

  6. Moe (Post author)

    Chiggins, we had lunch at il Giardino, the calamari sandwich was great, we then had burgers, beer and sweet potato fries (yum!) at the Village Jester. For breakfast we tried Eggs n’ things, we were not disappointed either. So, after all that eating, we had no choice but to ride to Ventura! We had a great time, we are planning to go back next year.

  7. chiggins

    Awesome, glad ya enjoyed it.

    I grew up in Ventura from about 15 on, and my buddy Carl and I used to ride from the beach up the trail to Matilija Canyon. After riding the trail, we’d head home and grab burritos at Corrales. It’s a nice ride, I miss it.


  8. Priscilla

    Great job Grace! So proud of you!!! =D

  9. Dennis Domingo

    Ojai has the best tastin’ mandarin oranges see

  10. Ian

    Ah… thank you. And darn you. 😉

    Spent five years living in Ventura; and working in Ojai, right on the main street. Loved it there, but had to move because I couldn’t afford it anymore. Doing quite well now in southeast Washington state, but I sure miss that area down there. So, so many options for bike riding.

  11. Nigel

    Hi Moe and Grace, Nigel from The Village Jester. Thanks so much for stopping in and glad you enjoyed the stay (at my place and in Ojai!). Ojai is truly a special place. Hopefully we’ll see you next year.

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