More Xtracycle DIY mods and gadgets

One fun thing about having a bike with the Xtracycle Freeradical is customizing it. Since weight is not that important, adding accessories or DIY stuff that will make trips more fun/practical is fun to do. Check out my rear handlebars and DIY pedals:

The stoker stem is a KHS stoker stem that fits nicely on the seatpost, the handlebars were cut for a better fit for my rear riders (my girls) and the ‘pedals’ are actually a PVC pipe with handlebar grips that I got on sale from an LBS. My girls really dig the skull theme.

Some of you may have noticed some weird thing on my front wheel:

This is the M132 LED from Monkeyelectric, I will do a full post later on with videos and pictures from this super cool gadget.

What’s next? I want to modify the freeradical so it will accommodate my two girls comfortably, I’ve seen pictures of people adding backrests to the snapdeck, I’ll see what I can conjure up.


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  2. Black Pearl

    At first glance in my RSS reader I thought the horse was one of the mods.

    THAT would be cool for the little ones.

  3. Ghost Rider


    I hear that foam kayak seats make suitable backrests for passengers on Xtras…they go on and off with straps and clips, too.

    Diggin’ on those homemade skully Footsies! By the way, I am totally jealous of your Monkeylectric gadget, and I am eagerly awaiting a review of that. Can it be programmed the way some other spoke LEDs can?

  4. Joe

    Very nice. Moe, where can I get the stoker stem? I’ve been looking for an affordable stem for awhile for my xtracycle, but can’t find any less than maybe 80 bucks. Thanks!

  5. Moe (Post author)

    BlackPearl, we’ve seen Xtracycles with horse saddles on the rear. Unfortunately, horse saddles are too freaking expensive

    Ghost, the monkeyelectric LED has a few functions that can change the pattern, speed and color of the LED’s. The thing is super bright too! Be patient, pics and video will be up soon!

    Joe, you can get this particular stem from bike shops that sell KHS bikes, but they are not really cheap. I think that your best bet is to search Ebay and hope to score one for cheap.

  6. Raiyn

    How does the monkeyelectric thing compare to a Hokey Spoke

    IMHO the Hokey looks a bit more “finished”

  7. Moe (Post author)

    Well, the people from Hokey Spokes said that they were gonna send a sample for us to test, but it never showed up. So at this point, I can’t really say how they compare.

  8. Clancy

    The foot pegs look nice but probably not sturdy enough to stand on. Try using some 1″ copper pipe. I made some running boards with copper pipe and a 1×4 board.

  9. Ghost Rider

    Don’t forget Lady Ada’s “Spoke POV”:

  10. Siouxgeonz
  11. Ghost Rider

    Siouxgeonz, that is very similar to the Nikko “Starlight” that we’ve covered previously…but neither that nor the Flashflight can hold a candle to a Hokeyspoke/SpokePOV/M132. Those more expensive lights put out some dazzling displays!!!

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