Redline R540

We recently took delivery of the Redline R540. This bike will be reviewed by Priscilla. She has a pretty easy commute…2 miles, but is also looking to use the R540 for training to enhance her mountain biking conditioning.

redline 540

Lightweight butted 6061 aluminum frame that is fender compatible with a replaceable rear dropout. Lightweight, fender friendly Redline aluminum fork. Wide range gearing with SRAM SX-5 shifters and derailleurs matched to a forged aluminum 48/38/28t triple crankset provide you 24 speeds. Multihand position flatbar with bar ends for heads-up riding positioning. Sturdy and lightweight 32 spoke Alex wheelset uses stainless steel spokes. Available in 6 sizes (43-58.5cm) center to top.

redline 540

redline 540

For those of you who don’t know, Priscilla is our female tester for BikeCommuters and MtnBikeRiders. She’s got some speed, power and great looks! Plus she knows bikes; that makes her even cooler than she already is.

We plan on going on a road ride this weekend to get some mileage out of her Redline 540. I’ll be riding my beloved Redline 925 alongside her…trying to keep up.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Looking good!

    Oh, yeah…the bike is pretty too. I like the gold and black color scheme, and it looks like a quick little machine.

  2. tadster

    Looks like a nice bike! I’m looking forward to a lady’s opinion because my wife is in the market for a commuter/recreational bicycle.
    Doesn’t look like the R540 has rack braze-ons, does it?

  3. siouxgeonz

    commuter bike?
    chain guard?

    Doesn’t look like it has much at all for the real commuter. I’ve been trying to figure out what the perception of “commuting” is when I see bikes like this being called “commuter” bikes… perhaps recreational rides if you don’t want to look like you’re trying to go fast… but still feel the need to?

  4. RL

    Tad and Sioux,

    The rear drop outs have rack eyelets on them, they’re just not brazed on. You can easily run a Wald rear rack like the one I have on my 925.
    That rack will mount on the eyelets then onto the rear of the brakes.

    “doesn’t look like much of at all for the real commuter”

    Dude…any bike can be a real commuter. There are plenty of people that ride road bikes, fixies, and mountain bikes that don’t have any of the items you mentioned that would be considered a “real commuter” but some how they manage to do just fine.

    Also if you check out Redline’s site, they call this bike a “fitness bike.” So don’t be so stuck on a commuter bike needs to have fenders, chain guards and stuff, cuz if you do, you may miss out on other bikes that could serve the same purpose and have awesome performance.

  5. Jen

    Hello, siouxgeonz: maybe the idea here is also that, a good deal of the time, a person is only going to have, either by preference and/or money issues, etc., one bike. So I’ve enjoyed this site because it is more about how people use bikes of all stripes for their commutes. I agree that once you’ve got the bike, you’ve got to outfit it for the kind of commute and life style you’ll be leading with your bike. The accoutrements you mention are the standard set, but they may not be necessary for everyone. Just my two cents.

  6. Ghost Rider

    Thanks, Jen…that sums it up beautifully! There are a lot of different kinds of commuters (and bikes to go with them) out there, and not everyone wants or needs all those accessories.

  7. Dial Tone

    Do I spot Tifosi sunglasses?

  8. Mike Myers

    I work with a woman who does all of her riding on an old steel Trek MTB, complete with really fat knobbies. She doesn’t go offroad. For a while now, she’s been talking about getting another bike, so when I saw an ad for the Raleigh Detour Deluxe(a fully specced commuter bike) I showed it to her. Her response? “That’s a grandma bike.”. Not everybody’s willing to ride a bike which screams functionality.

  9. Paul

    Yes, this is not a bike optimized for commuting, but it could be used for commuting. Just as a Ferrari could be used for pizza delivery, it’s just not optimized for it.

  10. Paul

    I guess everyone wants a bike that reflects their personality. It you’re sporty get a Redline R540 and get a messenger bag.

  11. Moe

    I’ve been testing Redline’s top of the line (fitness line) R550. I’ve attached a seatpost rear rack to carry my clothes and lunch to work. Yes, R550/540 may not be your rainy day commuter, but they are sure fun to commute with during fair weather days!

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