Le Burrito Ride in Tampa

I just posted a quick recap of today’s “Le Burrito Ride”, hosted by our local Chipotle Restaurant and the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club, over on our sister site,


Full coverage of the event is over on our friend Alan Snel’s blog — Bicycle Stories and Other Misadventures on the Road of Life. You should check it out!

About my jersey: to celebrate Bianchi’s 100 year anniversary, they produced a bunch of commemorative jerseys and other team gear back in 1985…calling the collection “Centenario 1985”. I got this jersey in 1987 from my then-girlfriend’s mom as a graduation present for high school. Coincidentally, my girlfriend’s last name was “Celestini”, which means “little Celeste” in Italian — how fitting is THAT?


  1. Moe

    My youngest daughter’s middle name is Celeste, one of the main reasons I needed a Bianchi in their famous celeste colour.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Oh, one thing I should have added to the article: Moe gave me those “Metallica” socks. They are the most badass cycling socks I have!

  3. RL

    Since we’re on the subject of names and being bad ass, my First name is RLaunceston (pronounced- lawn-says-ton)…named after a city in Tasmania….,_Tasmania
    …thus the name, “RL”

  4. Ghost Rider

    But what is the “R” part about?

  5. Iron Man

    Class of ’87? Me too. Looking good Ghost. I don’t know if you caught any of that TV Land reality show High School Reunion, but it showcased a class from ’87. I didn’t watch much of it, but I do remember thinking “Do I look that old?” Another benefit of bike commuting—you don’t look like the fat old farts at your 20 year reunion.

  6. RL

    R is just R, my two older sisters names start with an L and my older brother’s name starts with an R, since I’m the youngest, my dad figured he’d may my name match, at least the first letter…thus the R….

  7. Ghost Rider

    Update: I was just reminded by Anna that SHE gave me the jersey, not her mom. Duh — my memory just ain’t what it used to be!

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