Fixed Gear Friday: Heading South

It looks like the Fixie/SS trend is spreading South, but when I mean South I mean all the way down to Chile!

Here are a few blogs from Chile (note: blogs are in Spanish)that promote bike commuting:

Bicivilizate Great blog, lots of info about bikes around the world and they also do “commuter profiles”

Cliclismo Urbano This blog kind of resembles BikeCommuters; they have how tos, reviews, articles and answer questions regarding bike commuting.

Arriba’e la Chancha This blog focuses mostly on advocacy and is involved with the different politics of cycling, they kind of remind me of CICLE.ORG.

It is interesting to see that other countries face the same bike commuting challenges that we do, it is also interesting to see that they use the blogosphere to advocate bike commuting.

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