Getting ready for a new adventure

Well, I’ve joined the over 400000 people that are now unemployed. This recession has hit some companies in my field really hard. However, my unemployed status has not lasted long, I’m going back to work tomorrow. What does this mean? A new route to commute!

I have done some research using google maps and I will be driving my planned route to see how safe it is. I’m also planning to drive some alternate streets just in case my primary route does not work out. My new commute should be a challenge too, my entire trip is a whopping 65 miles so a car/bike commute will be my best option. I’ve researched public transportation, but it would take me 5 hours to get me to work!

I’m looking forward to my new commute and hopefully getting new co-workers into cycling!


  1. Jen

    Whew. Congratulations on that fast save ! Hope your new commute is safe and interesting.

  2. Iron_Man

    Kudos for biking right off the bat. I’d probably drive a few weeks so I didn’t spook the new coworkers. Congratulations on the new job.

  3. Stuart M.

    Congrats on the new job. That commute is very long! I remember the last job I had in America. I looked at the addresses in the help wanted ads and didn’t apply to any company outside my immediate area and ended up at a company that was a fifteen minute walk from my house. AND I STILL DROVE MY CAR THERE!!!! What an idiot! Nowadays, I live in Japan and commute to different schools everyday, a commute of anywhere from 1 mile to 16 miles roundtrip, By bicycle or walking, of course! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

  4. enrique

    Glad to hear you bounced back fairly quickly. I can’t wait to hear how you’ll manage the long commute.

  5. cafn8

    Congrats on quickly finding a new job. Good luck with your new commute. Here’s hoping that your new employer is also cooperative with the bicycle commuting idea.

  6. Dman

    That is a LONG commute, by car or bike. In you case, I would have definetly taken the job, just as you did, but I’d still be looking for something closer to home.

    What industry do you work in?

  7. Ghost Rider

    I had a car commute a few years ago that was 110 miles roundtrip, plus 200 miles/day on-the-job driving. That’s why I’m so adamant about riding my bike everywhere these days — I’m still trying to get my karma right!

    Good luck, Moe — that’s gotta be a record for the quickest recovery after a layoff.

  8. Dman

    Yeah, I had an internship while I was in college that was a little over 100 miles round trip. And I had to be there at 6am…which ment I was on the road by 5am. Which sucked. I decided then that I would never do that again!

  9. Moe (Post author)

    Thanks for the kind words. Dman, I work as a Database programmer in the Direct Mail industry.

  10. Scott

    So how goes the new job and new commute?

    Glad that you were able to find a new position quickly, and I commend you for your great attitude through this challenge that life has just thrown you.

  11. Moe

    Getting to work at my starting time is a challenge. I’m working on getting my hours changed by a least 1/2 hour so I can get there on time.

  12. Kareful K

    Hi Moi,

    Congrat’s on the new job; glad you weren’t off too long. Email me the details when you get a chance.


  13. waynette

    I love reading your blog.

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