Great Bicycle Commercial


  1. Jon Karak

    I’m a fan of the whole bicycle theme, but I’m not a fan of Kaiser Permanente. It appears they are trying to scrub their reputation for dumping patients in Los Angeles’ skid row rather than providing them with hospital care.

  2. Scott

    I liked that a lot!

  3. Russ Roca

    Great! except for the sidewalk riding….

  4. Ghost Rider

    Not a big fan of the company, but hey — baby-blue utility bikes FTW!!!!

    If only real-life “bike share” programs worked so well…

  5. Ed W

    There’s both sidewalk riding and wrong-way riding shown in this video. It’s a bit odd that a health care company would promote cycling practices that put the riders at greater risk. That’s simply irresponsible.

  6. 2whls3spds

    Ed W…the clowns that made the video and the ones that approved it probably haven’t ridden bikes since they turned 16. I am still amazed at the number of adults that think they are supposed to ride facing traffic.


  7. Moe

    At least they are all wearing helmets! 🙂

  8. amsterdamize

    It’s a shame they are all wearing helmets…ha! :-p

  9. Guy

    Sidewalk riding and facing the wrong direction on the sidewalk but on the road they all seem to be going the right direction.

  10. ophale

    Some times it is important to see the bigger picture instead of focusing on details that the general public would not notice. Is the intent of the commercial to detail how to ride a bike in traffic or is it to be light, fun, and encourage people to get out there and move the body around? Perhaps we should praise Kaiser and other companies for there efforts in this area vs. criticizes them on details the general public would not notice. Just imagine if you were the one in Kaiser to encourage management to spend millions of dollars on a bike to work body movement kind of commercial only to have the company discussed negatively. Would you do that again? Think bigger picture here. So I applaud Kaisers Permanente’s for there efforts to bring awareness of another way to go from point a to point b using human movement!

  11. Ghost Rider

    Ophale, GREAT point…and at least this commercial isn’t a slam on bicycling the way so many others have been (Autozone, various insurance companies).

  12. Raiyn

    winner = ophale

    Yeah there’s sidewalk and wrong way (on sidewalk) riding, BUT THEY’RE RIDING!

  13. RL

    Amen to that Ophale! I’m glad that finally someone got it. I know that the commercial is filled with so many violations, but the whole point of it was KP was encouraging people to stay healthy.

  14. Paul

    Too bad Shimano, Trek, ANY OTHER bike related manufacturer/company have never come up with such a slick and positive add about riding a bike!! SHAME on them!

  15. Iron Man

    The commercial would be more effective if it showed one of us bike commuters riding up along side them giving constant unsolicited advice and souring the fun they are having. “Hey, stay off the sidewalk it’s dangerous.” “Use hand signals so cars don’t hate.” “Your seat’s too low, you can’t generate enough power.” “You don’t need a shower, baby wipes and deodorant are the trick.”

  16. JD

    How I WISH my city was that flat!!!

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