Bicycle Commuter Self-Defense

Do you ever worry about how you might defend yourself if you’re ever caught up in a street-side confrontation? Fret no more…gaze your eyes upon this “self-defense” video I stumbled across on YouTube. This one’s got it all — high-flying kicks, crappy sound effects, bad 80s haircuts, and chicks in BMX uniforms…does it get any better than this?


  1. Bob

    It could have been better if they dubbed in English and the words did not match the lip movement. But it is still amusing.

  2. Jesus Christ

    that was badass, lol wow! that chick was my hero

    Christ out

  3. Will

    This is simultaneously the worst and best thing I have EVER seen.

  4. RL

    Thanks Jack, I feel confident defending myself against construction workers!

    Amen to that Will!

  5. Shek

    try doing this on your xtracycle…
    I live in the South, so they wont mind me putting a gun rack on my xtracycle…that should be the wickedest mod ever done to an xtracycle!

  6. Ghost Rider

    Shek, funny you mention that…I was actually thinking about doing a “spoof” how-to article on that…either a gun rack or a swiveling gun mount on the handlebar.

    Someone would get a hernia trying to swing an Xtracycle around in that way…

  7. Seth

    Bad 80’s hair styles? I still love the look. 😉

    Great video, thanks!

  8. MattG

    Was this a spoof? I thought it was footage of a CM ride. Completely fooled me!

  9. Chester

    What I usually do is ride with two pumps connected together by a chain.

    Telescoping nunchuks.

  10. Shek

    I am not in IT, hence the html errors:

    i need to stop giving ideas to the power ranger boys ( here and here)

  11. Ghost Rider

    Ha ha, I forgot about those pictures…especially the one of Moe. He’d fit right into that video scenario above!

  12. Marrock

    Seven feet of Kryptoflex cable and a Master Lock No. 40.

    Theft deterrent and self-defense, gotta love tools that can multi-task.

  13. wannaCmore

    Man, after a beat down like that, they need to hook with the waffle bike!

    Don’t know how to insert links, so you’ll have to go to YouTube and search for ‘waffle bike’. Russ should get a kick out of it, even though it’s not a Bilenky.

  14. Ghost Rider

    Waffle bike, anyone?

  15. Ghost Rider
  16. Tony Bullard

    Wow, the “sound” of the bike wheels drove me insane.

  17. Val

    OMG where are their helmets?!?! I think I hurt myself laughing.

  18. Raiyn

    Their Bike-Fu is strong.

  19. mph

    Clearly, the essence of self defense is NEVER GIVE UP THE BIKE!

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