Interbike 2008: Planet Bike with Chris Follmer

We met Chris Follmer, one of our profiled bike commuters at the Planet Bike booth. We asked Chris to show us what is new for 2009, here’s the video:


  1. Ghost Rider

    Hooray, Chris! For those of you who don’t know, Chris is also the recent winner of the Austin Bike Blog’s “What’s the Biggest Thing You’ve Carried On a Bike?” contest:

    I’ve been really wanting to try the 1W Blaze headlight…I think I’ll get one of those Blaze Stealth package deals.

  2. Russ Roca

    Ghost…I have the 1W Blaze…it’s pretty darn bright and it’s special epileptic blink mode is sure to get people’s attention….

    I’m stoked they have a dynamo version of it now! When the heck is that coming out?

  3. Ghost Rider

    I’ve heard good things about the 1W model. I have a couple other “be seen” front lights from Planet Bike (Beamers 1 and 5), but I want something with a little more “oomph” without having to spend a fortune on an HID/super-powered LED light.

    Russ, do you run a dynamo hub on one of your bikes? I think the dynamo version of the Blaze is a great idea for those who do have the capability of using such a light.

  4. Russ Roca

    I have a dynamo on my touring bike…just reconnected my InoLed 10+ to it….

    The 1W is pretty bright but it has a narrowish beam. The center where it hits will certainly be illuminated but it drops off pretty fast…

    So I suppose its best application would be on paved roads…it’s definitely a great commuter light…

    I have a 3beam, 5 beam, and 1/2 watt model and it is noticeably brighter than all of them…it has a similar body profile but a matte white body (which I don’t particularly care for cause I got it dirty in no time)…

  5. Ghost Rider

    I’m not a big fan of the white case, either…but I saw in the video above that they make a “stealth” set with a stealth Superflash rear included. Of course I’m all about that!

    I’m dying to play with a dynohub.

  6. Tyler

    I love my planet bike red superflasher. All other red rear flashers are garbage if you ask me. I’ve bought them for everyone I know.

  7. Chris

    You guys are way too good to us up here at Planet Bike! I will let you guys know, the 1 watt set is now available, the dynamo we are expecting in spring.

  8. Ghost Rider

    Chris, you and Planet Bike just make it so easy for us to be good to you — great products, friendly staff and fantastic advocacy stance. Does it get any better than that?!?

  9. LJ

    That new rack trunk is just what I’ve been looking for – I hope it’s available soon!

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