Utility Bikes from Another Dimension

As you may know, the folks at are big fans of utility bikes — bikes that can haul a load of groceries or people; bikes that are more than just a pretty face.

But, there are inventive and talented builders out there who are taking the concept of a utility bike, throwing in a dash of artistic flair, sprinkling on some mad fabrication skills and rolling out on some really incredible human-powered machines. I’ve collected a handful of my favorites to share with you:

1) The Picnic Table Bike

2) The Waffle Bike:

3) The Pole Dance Bike, from the fertile minds at Poleriders (probably not the best blog to visit at work; there’s some suggestive photography on here that your boss may not appreciate):

4) The Drum Bike:

5) The Couch Bike:


  1. tdp

    I love the videos and bikes! Awesome stuff, I also discovered some great music~

  2. ragged claws

    After seeing the different interpretations of a utility bike above, I could not help thinking that a bicycle tank might be useful for cutting through rush-hour traffic with the SUV crowd in Spring Hill. The video is from a kinetic art parade they have back in Phillie (my home land), and if there is any justice in the world–and there isn’t–I will get one of these things for x-mas.

  3. Ghost Rider

    That tank is AWESOME! Sign me up for one of those, too…

  4. db

    Damn, Waffle Bike sure could use a bit more context. There’s a lot of “why” in there that goes unanswered.

    On the plus side, that video made me, for the first time in my life, feel sorry for chickens.

  5. Ghost Rider

    db, you could just as easily ask “why NOT?”

    Art doesn’t have to have any context or meaning behind it — art for art’s sake…bizarre contraptions that defy logic are some of my favorites!

  6. db

    Understood, but is it supposed to be “art”? The explanation of the engineering details, down to the wheel-base and condiment slots, makes it seem like it’s intended to be a working vehicle.

    If the narration is supposed to be satirical or farcical, then I just missed that.

    But hey, hot waffles. Never a bad thing. Even if they’re protected by two shotguns, a machete, and live chickens.

  7. Ghost Rider

    I’m pretty sure all those engineering drawings and narration were meant to be farce — impressive on their face, of course. How I read it is that it is SUPPOSED to be impressive in its engineering, but when you look at the full assembly, you’re left scratching your head.

    Are you familiar with the Japanese concept of “chindogu”? It’s an art/engineering form: useless inventions that are supposed to be whimsical.

    It’s also kinda like when the band Tool did that song “Die Eier Von Satan”…the narrator speaks in a menacing German voice, but the lyrics, when translated, are merely a cookie recipe. It’s all about the perception, or something…

  8. Ghost Rider

    I should add that I really want to know more about those homemade shotguns…I could use a pair of those for my Xtracycle!

  9. Rapps

    These videos are the best explanation about why I like biking!

  10. David

    I like them a lot. 🙂

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