More Amazing Utility Bikes

A couple weeks ago, I posted a set of YouTube videos that showcased some of my favorite wacky “utility bikes”.

That posting caught the eye of one of our astute readers, who forwarded us a link to an amazing article on the Designboom blog. The article is a showcase recently held in St. Etienne, France — consisting of sustainable human- and solar-powered utility bikes, from electric-assist tricycles to a solar-powered DJ booth to my favorite, the rolling human-powered bike shop:

bike shop
(photo from the Designboom article)

Spin on over to read the full article and to gaze upon some of these wondrous creations.


  1. Chip Haynes

    Oh, man- That bike shop trike is incredible! I may have to build myself on of those!

    Way cool.

  2. MattG

    The last tricycle in the article had the chain running to the front wheel, instead of the complicated chainlines I’ve seen on other delta trikes with rear wheel drive.

    Is there a practical reason why front wheel drive for bicycles isn’t used anymore?

  3. Ghost Rider

    MattG, do you mean that Casino delivery trike? The chain runs to the back…the cargo box is the front — what looks like a handlebar is actually under the saddle, and appears to be a parking brake or other braking assembly, but there’s also a stand-up steering bar mounted to the back of the box. Two wheels in front, one in back, with the dreaded “crotch pincher” saddle spring clearly visible.

    Front-wheel chain drive would complicate steering, wouldn’t it?

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