Everything Old is New Again…

Our friends Matt and Ken from Palm Beach Bike Tours had an interesting article a couple weeks ago that we wanted to share with the rest of you — a bike-commuting pioneer from the first U.S. gas crisis.


Take a look at the article by clicking here. Apparently, synthetic fibers were all the rage in commuting clothing even way back in 1974…polyester is KING!


  1. Wholesale Pocket Bikes

    Good Article,
    What u have said is right.Everything Old is new again.But along with the changing economy human beings have to change.They have to be in touch with the dynamic economy.
    The craze for the bicycle is still the same only the thing that is changed is they don’t drive it for work.

  2. db

    It’s unfortunate, but we’ve been through most of this before: an energy (gas) crisis, a green movement, people calling for change… it didn’t turn out very well the first time. Hope things work 0ut better this time.

  3. BlackBear

    It’s true that Americans have a notoriously short attention span when it comes to their own history, but on the other hand we are an extremely flexible people when pushed. The bottom line is that autos (as currently conceived) are ultimately unsustainable. That fact is inescapable.
    Remain positive, keep smiling when you bike around, and when everyone else catches on, you’ll be the “go to” guy for advice. πŸ™‚

  4. Chip Haynes

    Oh, that takes me back. Yeah, I remember the wacky 70’s. The clothes. The hair. The ten speeds. I had a ten-speed Vista, before I wised up and bought a Paramount. (And then wised up again and got a Jackson.)

    But yeah, Americans are famous for their short-attention spans, so we can look forward to having to re-educate everyone all over again when the time comes… like next spring.

    As for me, I still have the Jackson.

  5. Ghost Rider

    I wonder if, in 30 years or so, we are presented with pictures of ourselves on bikes — will we be embarrassed by the clothing and hairstyles in the photos? πŸ˜‰

  6. BlackBear

    I won’t be embarassed by my hairstyle at least, as I’m unlikely to magically grow it back! πŸ™‚

  7. Matt / PBBT

    Our short attention span is correct. Humans seem cyclical by their very nature.

    My latest non-bike project is a backyard raised garden complete with a live webcam of my tomatoes growing (Watch My Food Grow).

    When I told my friends about the garden, they commented that ‘webcams are *s0* 1999’. My foodie buddy, Jan, commented that backyard gardens come and go every few decades.

    Sure enough, they were popular in the early 1970s about the same time as my father-in-law (above) was commuting by bicycle. They were also popular during World War II as ‘Victory Gardens’.

    Still, if I get two or three years of home-grown vegetables before I grow tired of the garden, that would totally rock.


  8. Mike Myers

    GR—that depends on whether we have pictures of us wearing manpris and Crocs or not. LOL!

  9. Ghost Rider

    Matt, you really have a webcam on your garden?!? The link above is broken…but what an awesome and bizarre idea!

  10. Matt / PBBT

    Yes, GR. I may have boned the link. Try this…

    …or this…

    Watch My Food Grow then click the ‘Live Garden View’ link on the upper left side of the web page.


  11. Chip Haynes

    “I wonder if, in 30 years or so, we are presented with pictures of ourselves on bikes β€” will we be embarrassed by the clothing and hairstyles in the photos?”

    Nah, man, we are totally cool. Every day.

    Well, one of us is.

    Probably you.

    Just don’t ask for an old photo of me.

  12. shuttleguy

    Reminds me of my first tour when I wore sweatpants.

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