Planet Bike Dynamo Light – Part 1

I recently posted the first part of my review of the Blaze Dynamo, the dynamo version, of Planet Bike’s excellent Blaze 1w light on Epicurean Cyclist. If you’re curious about dynamo lights and wonder how they plug in to the hub, I have some photos of what the bare wires and connector caps look like.

Check out the first part of the review here.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Just so you know, the battery-powered 1W Blaze headlight comes in a sharp grey case now, too. I got one in a front/rear set (and should have added this to my “upcoming product review” article).

    The rear SuperFlash comes in a grey case, too! It’s dashing…

  2. Bike Jerry

    Hey there,

    Good start to the article – was looking for part 2, and specifically your real-world impressions of how well it works to see and be seen.

    Thanks and best regards from Bakersfield, CA!

  3. Jeremy Pasby

    I currently use 2 of the 1/2 watt Blaze with PowerGenix 1.6v rechargeable batteries. I’m looking to see if the Blaze Dynamo body can be used with the Blaze 2watt head.

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