Late-Breaking News…Bike Commuter Movie Tomorrow!

I just wanted to let fellow bike commuters in the Tampa Bay area know that there will be a screening of Dear Mr. Gore: A Somewhat Cinematic Correspondence Awkwardly Tracing a Circular Journey Constructed on a Warming Planet at the Channelside Cinemas tomorrow (February 28th) at 2:00 PM. This screening is part of the Gasparilla International Film Festival.

Director/star Lisa Mills describes the movie as

An Orlando woman uses her bicycle ride to work as a vehicle to explore fear and global warming. Shot in Orlando, Tampa, Sweden and Denmark, the film is a contemplative response to An Inconvenient Truth and provides a unique perspective on one person’s attempt to reduce her carbon footprint and overcome fear. Her journey to the answer takes the audience on a humorous bike ride with a camera strapped to the handle bars. This film features a bicycle ride with the Mayor of Orlando and music by Danish jazz violin sensation Mads Tolling.

I’ve already given Ms. Mills grief about not starring ME…especially since some of the film was shot in my own commuting territory ;). In any case, if you can make it out there, Ms. Mills will be there to answer questions and show off her commuting bike prior to the screening.


  1. Bike Jax

    Jack, are you attending? I’m curious to hear a review of the film. I’ve called and sent several emails to the good doctor in the hopes of securing a screening here in Jax. But have not had any contact returned.

  2. wade G.

    Is it ever going online?

  3. Ghost Rider

    Matt, I might be able to squeeze out enough time to go see the film — short-notice events like this are tough for me, since I have a small child to entertain on the weekends I don’t work (and he may not sit still for such a film).

    If I do go, I’ll try to cobble together a review…movie reviews are not one of my strong suits!

  4. Bike Jax

    “movie reviews are not one of my strong suits!”

    Hmmm, I must have you confused with Jack Of All Trades. 🙂

  5. Elisa M

    My favorite part of this post:

    “I’ve already given Ms. Mills grief about not starring ME…especially since some of the film was shot in my own commuting territory ;)”

    publicity whore


  6. Cezar

    I have to bump Wage’s question. Will it ever be online? There are so many good independent documentaries, but many will never get to see them because they are limited to geography.

  7. Ghost Rider

    @Matt — definitely a Jack of all trades (I’m working at my 46th lifetime job as we speak), but movie reviews are way harder to do successfully than they might appear.

    @Elisa — guilty as charged!

    @Cezar — the director didn’t provide us any information about a Web-version, but I’ll email her and see if she responds.

  8. Lisa Mills

    THANK YOU EVERYONE! It meant so much to see people with BIKE HELMETS waiting outside the theatre today to see my little film. I hope you liked it. Right now I cannot put the film online because that will torpedo any chances of other film festivals programming it. I have to get it into as many festivals as possible because that’s the way I “publish” as an asst. professor at UCF. However, while I was in your fair city this weekend I spoke to the head of Tampa Parks and Recs about screening the film during the upcoming March Bicycle Awareness Month. I will keep you posted, I promise. I have also submitted the film to festivals in Sarasota and Jacksonville. I’m still awaiting word, so please keep your fingers crossed. Again, many thanks to all of you for your support. You are a wonderful group of human beings… and I promise to stay in touch. Eventually, after the film has made a good round of festivals, I promise to put the whole thing up online for everyone to have.

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