Bicycle-Friendly Urban Prank

Longtime reader Eric Nordstrom sent us a link a month or so ago…an article illustrating one of my very favorite methods of civil disobedience — a great prank that included issuing a fake press release and putting up altered signage that helped cyclists with a concern.

Torontoistthe entire article — a prank from the fertile minds at Urban Repair Squad.

I’ve often joked that since the City of Tampa lags behind when it comes to painting bike lanes and adding other bike-friendly infrastructure, I was going to come up with some way to attach a painting device to my Xtracycle and start striping my own lanes…articles like the above and groups like Urban Repair Squad inspire me to make my joke more of a reality!


  1. Nord

    Yes! The internet money is sure to come now!

  2. Ghost Rider


  3. Nord

    With each mention, my blogularity increases proportionately. In time, the internet money will come….

  4. Ghost Rider

    Oh, I got ya. Well, keep commenting and we’ll help make you RICH!

  5. Raiyn

    @ Ghost,
    He Who Shall Not Be Named, doesn’t post often enough to earn any “blogularity” whatever that is. So no, he can not has internetz monies.

  6. Chip Haynes

    The City of Clearwater is in the process of putting the finishing touches on Station Square Park on Cleveland Street, right downtown. It’s a paved urban park, but NO BICYCLES ALLOWED. The sign out front says so. Nor are there any bike racks by the entrance to park your bike before you go inside. One step forward, two steps backwards.

    Oh, well.

  7. Ghost Rider

    Sounds like a perfect opportunity for some signage of our own! Chip, you’re a graphic artist…surely you can come up with something stunning and realistic to fool casual passersby.

  8. Chip Haynes

    All it needs is a bit of white tape over the “BICYCLES” on the list of stuff not allowed. I’d be happy if they just added bike racks outside the park, at least. We’ll see. The park is not fully open yet, and I have rattled a cage on this one (in my own subtle way).

  9. Raiyn

    Phooey. Just one more reason why I dislike Clearwater.

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