Hot Two-Wheeled Action

For those among us who love bicycle racing, you may be interested in checking out coverage of the first annual Tampa Twilight Criterium which took place in downtown Tampa last weekend. For more photos and commentary, please visit our sister site over at

race action


  1. Ghost Rider database is being updated…poor timing on my part. The article there might not be available for a few hours, so keep checking back if you’re interested.

  2. Clancy

    Crit’s are pretty fun to watch with the speed attained. In Boise they have cash prizes for the racers throughout the race to keep the excitement going like fast lap or first across the line.

  3. Dave

    You were taking pics from the same spot I was, if only the weather had been better the public turnout might have been higher.

  4. The Punisher

    Can it really be called “first annual” if it’s the first Jack? BSG rules!

  5. Ghost Rider

    Ha ha…you know, I’ve wondered the same thing. If the Tampa Crit goes off next year, then the answer is “yes”. If they don’t have it, obviously the answer would have to be “no”.

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