Sea Otter 2009: Sonoma Chainless Evolution

We met up with Sonoma Bikes at the Sea Otter Classic. They have 3 models available and VERY low price points.

Beach Cruiser MSRP $325ish…

Urban Commuter MSRP $350.
sonoma chainless bike

Urban Voyager MSRP $450
sonoma chainless bikes

drive shaft


  1. Adam

    The bikes look very spiffy, but shouldn’t they be able to carry more than a seatpost rack? And what about full fenders?

  2. Ghost Rider

    The bikes look like they have fender eyelets at the forks, but it’s hard to make out the rear half. I don’t see any fixed mounting points for a rack on those frames…

  3. Clancy

    Nice bike. I wonder how that shaft drive compares to the Dynamic’s? Looks to be made by Dynacraft Bikes. They make the bikes commonly seen at Walmart and Target

  4. Dave

    I was at the Sea Otter on Friday and the rep let me try the Urban Voyager and let me say i was impressed. its was so smooth and quiet and really got up and moved. Whatever bike are made for walmart… you sure dont see them in with the quailty of these bikes. All i know is that i loved the bike and for what the price is you cant go wrong. tell you the truth i am going to order my wife and i one.

  5. Ghost Rider

    I’m curious, too, as to how the Sonoma shaft drive compares to the Dynamic assembly.

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