So Many Bikes…. Biking the Drive

Sometimes when asking the question “which bike do I buy?” it’s fun to take a look at what other cyclists are riding.


At Sunday’s Bike the Drive in Chicago an estimated 18,000 cyclists came out to cycle along a car-free Lake Shore Drive from sunrise to 10am. From racing roadies doing laps on the mostly pothole free surface to visitors who rented bikes and every cyclist in between, the Active Transportation Alliance‘s (formerly the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation) largest fundraiser of the year did attract quite a mix of cyclists and their bikes.
family skyline

hand cyclists


rental bikes


At the rest stop, cyclists even found peace in yoga amidst the thousands gathered.

But like all good things, even Bike the Drive had to end… prematurely for some as bike traffic was routed off the Drive and back to the bike path to finish the route…
the end

Luckily the post-ride festival offered a chance to relax and ‘chill’ with a cycle powered “pedal your smoothie” and all the new biking buddies you met along the way.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Awesome shots…this is on my short list of “bicycling vacations”…one of these days I’m gonna show up on your doorstep and Bike the Drive!

  2. Paul

    I can’t even BEGIN to imagine any road in Austin or Texas being closed for a second, except Sixth Street, so people on bikes, skates, or by foot can enjoy what Chicago or New York City, now with cars banned from Times Square and Broadway. Even Bogota, Colombia gets it! I guess they started it all in Colombia by bringing carfree days.

  3. Elizabeth

    Well…. from what I understand, Chicago is still working to bring an event called Sunday Parkways ( back in ’09. Would be nice … it’s such a joy to roam the roads car-free, if only for a few hours….

  4. Dottie

    Excellent photos, Elizabeth! I had so much fun biking the Drive. Too bad our paths did not cross.

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