Review: Torker Cargo T

Product: Torker Cargo T
torker cargo t
Price: $599.99


Load capacity of racks: 20 lbs front, 40 pounds rear.


Extra, Extra: Maintenance-free internal Shimano 3-speed hub with twist-shifter, Heavy-duty front and rear cargo rack, heavy duty steel frame and fork — 1 size fits most, Front roller brakes improve stopping power, Sturdy DM 350 alloy rims with rust resistant SS spokes, Front and rear Fenders, Full-wrap chainguard, Cush springer saddle, Dutch “Tring? bell.

Full Wrap chainguard
torker cargo t

Dual kick stand — makes loading up your bike super easy.
torker cargo t

Fenders and racks
torker cargo t

Front rack and steerer lock…Locking this device prevents your front wheel from flopping left or right when parking or loading bike

We received the Torker Cargo T a few months ago and we wanted to make sure we put it through its paces by testing this bike in real life USAGE scenarios. Since the model is called “cargo”, I wanted to test out how strong these stock racks are. Some were concerned that the weight limits (20lbs in the front and 40lbs in the rear) were going to be too light for a true “cargo bike.”

Well, I’m glad to tell you through months of testing/riding, the racks have NEVER posed any type of problems. I was worried that the nuts and bolts provided would either bend or snap in half. But after loading it up many times with items from my own kids, to boxes of crap that needed to be thrown out, as well as adults, the rack system held up really well. Personally I’m not a big fan of loading up a bike on the front since it makes it squirrelly when riding.

I wouldn’t recommend this, but both passengers, front and rear each weigh 100lbs. I weigh about 210lbs….That’s one strong bike!
torker cargo t

Since this is a cargo bike, speed wasn’t really in mind when the bike was conceived. In fact, the Shimano Nexus 3 speed is geared just right for the times when your bike is fully loaded and needs that low gearing in order for you to get moving. I spent most of my riding time in gear 2 since this seemed to be the perfect gear to be in. 3 was best used for flats or on descents since this gear is taller and that meant if you wanted to mash on the pedals to beat the light, this was the gear to be in.

How does the Cargo T climb? Better than I expected. This all-steel cargo bike isn’t an anorexic super model, no, this would be equivalent to Bluto from the cartoon Popeye, super strong and heavy. The bike weighs about 45lbs dry. So that means climbing on this thing was a bit of a chore. Not saying you couldn’t do it, but it’s just harder since this bike weighs almost twice as much as some road bikes out there.

Shimano Nexus 3 speed
torker cargo t

One of the best things about the Torker Cargo T is the geometry of the bike. Notice that I’m in an upright, no strain on the back riding position. I never felt any back aches, neck pain or any type of discomfort while riding this bike.

Roller Brake

Braking power on any cargo bike should be strong, especially if you’re trying to stop a bike with a full load of stuff. One topic that often came up during the introduction of the Cargo T on BikeCommuters was the front Roller Brake. Some of our readers as well as our own Jack Sweeney, have experienced “anemic” braking power with the front roller system.

Now I’m not sure if something was different with the Shimano BR-IM41-F roller brake that was installed on the Cargo T, but those brakes worked just great. Yes its true that it won’t act like disc brakes or even rim brakes, but they do work well enough to slow you down. If combined with the coaster brake, the rollers increase the bike’s ability to stop.

One question that needs to be addressed would be the bike’s reliability. To tell you the truth, that would be the most boring part of this review. Nothing happened…The Torker Cargo T was SUPER reliable. No additional tuning, truing or adjusting was needed for the bike. In fact I didn’t even get a flat, and I rode this bike through various terrain, from paved road, dirt, and gravel.

The Cargo T has been a very fun and practical bike to have in my stable. I hate to admit it, but its taken the place of my Xtracycle. For me, I find it more convenient to grab the Cargo T, than having to lug around the long bike. Sure the Xtra has more loading capacity, but it’s also…long.

I also have to mention that this bike is very affordable. MSRP is around $500 and that’s pretty affordable (according to a previous survey that we took). Not only does the bike ride smooth, it’s a head turner and practical.

I know I’ve said practical a few times already, well that’s because I can’t get over the fact that this bike is soooo useful. If you get a chance, go to your LBS and see if they have this bike available to test ride. You’ll notice that when you ride it, you’ll automatically smile. I can’t tell you how many people have ridden the Cargo T and right away say how smooth and pleasurable the biking experience is with this machine.

Just check out Richard “Fritz” Masoner, see that smile…its because he liked it!

Photo courtesy of Cyclelicious

Legendary Alan Snel also liked the bike…

So here’s the thing, the Torker Cargo T is a great bike. It has many uses, is super comfy and a joy to ride. Will you be able to carry massive amounts of load on it? Can you carry your groceries to and from the store? Can you commute with it? Can you use it for your work/business? The answer to all those questions is, YES! This bike should win some sort of award for stimulating the economy — not only is it affordable, but you’ll save money too by riding this bike for work or when you do errands.


  1. VeloChef

    Superb review – one of the best I’ve seen. Just skimmed through for now, but impressed non the less. Looking forward to seeing more. Pls consider checking out my blog on electric bikes; – oh, comments & ideas on new topics welcomed.

  2. Elizabeth

    Sounds like a great all-around bike. Too bad it’s weight would be inconvenient for me hauling it up to my apartment daily, but I agree — seems like a practical addition to anyone’s bike fleet.

  3. Rantwick

    RL – Now that’s a good review! No reason for me to be crabby this time! It sure looks like once you get that 45 lbs rolling, that bike is indeed a pleasure. Were the 20 and 40 lb specs the ones provided by the manufacturer? As you proved, those beefy racks should be rated much higher.

  4. Fritz

    Dude, you’re the one who shot the photo of me!

    I’m impressed as well with how well SBS did with this bike for the price.

  5. RL


    Yes the the 20/40lbs specs were provided by the manufacturer. The racks can totally carry more than it’s recommended weight, but they mentioned, the 20/40 was the weight their lawyers felt comfortable with.


    Great to hear from you bud! Hope all is well in the world of delicious cycling!

  6. Charlie

    Thanks for the review, complete with good pictures. I’m sad to see that what I thought was a full chaincase isn’t–the back is open. That’s fine for protecting your legs from chaingrease but not as good as a real chaincase for protecting the chain from the elements.

  7. Rob E.

    Great review. Really leaves me wanting one. Maybe some day when I have a garage. Right now I’d have to kick one bike out to get this one in. The riding experience you describe is much like how I feel about riding my old Tote/Cycle. I sometimes catch myself with a stupid smile on my face because it’s just a fun ride. It’s good to see that you can load it up. I still would worry about the manufacturer’s specs, though. There are plenty of front and rear racks that are spec’ed higher and look less sturdy, so I wonder if the lawyers couldn’t bump those numbers up a bit. I would hate to buy a bike knowing full-well that I was planning on immediately voiding any warranty that might come with the bike by ignoring the manufacturer’s specs.

  8. Matt

    Amy thoughts on how it would do for a 6’4″ rider?

  9. Marcus

    Looks like a pretty sweet bike. I think that it might have a little more appeal if the rear hub was a Nexus 8-speed hub.

  10. Ghost Rider

    Marcus, it’s rare to see cargo bikes like this with anything more than a 3-speed…particularly in Europe and China.

    That’s probably why Torker chose this rather than a Nexus…after all, cargo bikes are not designed to go fast or to go very far, so a wide range of gearing is completely unnecessary. Slow and steady rules the day for cargo bikes!

  11. Abhishek

    Looks like a good review, though nothing can replace my xtracycle 🙂

  12. RL

    I here you Shek, I do love my Xtra…but to give you a hint to what’s going to happen in the near future…Cargo Xtra….

  13. Stuart M.

    Hmmm, I noticed you cut off the bottom of the picture in which you and your daughters are on the bike. I hope you weren’t riding on the rims just to prove a point. The penalty for that is two years in bicycle purgatory — maybe riding up a hill in third gear on that Cargo T.

  14. RL

    Riding on the rims? Nope, here’s another pic.


  15. Ghost Rider

    Gotta say that rear tire looks a little soft, but overall I am TREMENDOUSLY impressed by that load. Look at those smiles!

  16. Tinker

    Can anyone tell me the tire size/brand/model on this bike? Torker seems to be unable to give any sort of specs on their bicycles, how they are equipped, what sort of tires, that sort of thing. As much as I weigh, it’s important to me to discover what I am going to need to replace in the way of wheels/tires. If we are talking 700C, I hope there is room for Schwalbe’s Big Apples in 60mm width, if these are 26″ tires, 2.125″ or bigger?


  17. RL

    Tinker, I’ll check for you when I get home. But these are 26″tires.

  18. Tinker

    26 inch tires sound promising, can I get 2-3″ wide tires on there? Or should I just go with the Felt Cafe 8 Deluxe?

  19. andy

    i am 5′ 7″ , do you think i can ride this bike?


  20. andy

    also where is a good online source to purchase?


  21. RL

    I wouldn’t know if any places that would sell it online.

    I’m 5’7″ and it fit me perfectly.

  22. andy

    Thanks RL

    Great review here btw, I got my local bike shop to go $550 plus tax. The problem is I just got a Breezer Citizen or I might have to wait a few months to spend another $600.

  23. Joel

    Looks exactly like the Batavus personal delivery bike with the exception of a front dynamo instead of a roller. My wife has been riding one for about a month. That thing is a tank.

  24. upsun

    can anyone tell me what the frame measures on this? i’m 5’2″ with a 29″ inseam and want to know if it will fit me. thanks.

  25. Ghost Rider

    The answer is “probably”. Since it’s a step-through frame, standover clearance isn’t an issue. The Cargo T is billed as “one size fits most”.

    The best way, obviously, would be to find a local shop where you could test one for yourself.

  26. Jon

    Now if someone could tell me how to buy this bike we would be getting somewhere. Tampa, Fl?

  27. Ghost Rider


    both UBC on Fletcher and Carrollwood Bike Emporium on Dale Mabry are Redline dealers…actually, any shop with an account at SEattle Bicycle Supply (Redline/Torker parent) can get one.

  28. Tinker

    I went ahead and bought one of these, (y first new bike ever). Made do with a Used Raleigh. IT weighs a ton, but only when you lift it into the car to take it home. Tire are 1.95x 26″, rims are 559x28mm , there is all sorts of room to go up in size/width. 2.15″, 2.35″ anyone? NO it won’t make it hard to remove your tires, it has a coaster brake for the rear, and a roller break in front. Tire width independent brakes!

    I got the green one, that every body looks at, today rode past a group of kids, on BMX bikes, and a 12 year old said, DUDE! Nice BIKE! Not ashamed to to say it felt good.

    Oh, frame size? I lowered my seat to the bottom stop, and I can tiptoe the bike around. I expect I will raise it a little to extend my knees more. (I am 6 feet tall, and about 30 inches in the inseam. Shorter inseams my need to modify the seat tube.

    Oh, the 3 speed is SLICK, after that Raleigh, shifts smoother, easier. Soundless. The Raleigh had almost 40 years of wear and tear, but is nice to know that they both have Sturmy Archer hubs. yes, I’d like an 8 speed, would settle for a 7 speed, but its pretty close to perfect. Anyone got a good 5 speed?

  29. Mike

    Hi..Senor Policar. Nice review. I saw on some other Pics you put up that your Cargo-T had a Large Black Cargo Bag on one side. What Brand is this Bag and who sells them? They look just like what I am looking for. What are the dimnesions of this Bag? I bought the Neon Green Model. So far, its a really nice Bike.Would appreciate your reply on the Bags.

  30. Mike

    Sr policar, BTW, based on your extensive Review of the Cargo-T, I bought the Neon Green Model. Sure gets the looks here in Miami! Gotta chain this baby up or it would “get legs”& Walk in a minute.

  31. RL


    The bag in question is the Banjo Brothers Grocery Pannier.

    It’s a bit bigger than a grocery bag. Below are the specs:

    GROCERY PANNIER – Fits standard grocery bags like a glove. It works equally well with plastic bags, or even by itself with built-in shoulder strap. They fold flat when you aren’t carrying your dinner and are built to last.

    * 1100 cubic inch capacity or 1 brown paper grocery bag
    * Ripstop front and sides with ballistic fabric in high-wear areas
    * Adjustable quick-attach elastic attachment
    * Plated-steel frame and rigid polymer liner prevent sagging
    * Includes shoulder strap and handles; great for shopping
    * MSRP: $34.99

  32. RL


    That neon green is wicked hot! Congrats on your Toker!

  33. Mike

    RL–Hey Thanks for the Fast Reply on the Bags. As I wrote earlier, they look like the Ticket for my new ride. Big Bike needs Big Bags, right? Yea, that Big Neon Green Cargo T really is a Retina Scorcher of a Color. I painted my last restored bike the same color with Spray Cans from Spanish Montana Graffiti Paint–exact same Color. Love it! Thx again!

  34. Mike

    RL–Two other questions; looking at that Photo where you have one of these Bags installed, does that cover over the bag pretty much shield what you have in the bag from the Rain? That’s a concern here in our typical Miami rainy Summers.

    2) Do these bags hold thier rectangular shape pretty good? Some makes of these gtocery bags look pretty sad after a few months use with heavy duty usage. Thanks

  35. RL


    If you’re concerened about water proofing, get the Banjo Brothers Water Proof Pannier.

    The one I have holds it shape pretty well. Check out the one I mentioned above. If you contact Banjo Brothers, they’ll definitely help you find what you’re looking for. Mike and Eric are awesome to deal with! Tell them I said hi!

    Reach us by phone

    (612) 310-7125
    Snail Mail

    Banjo Brothers International, LLC
    PO Box 24915
    Edina, MN 55424-0915
    Important E-Mail Addresses

    * for general inquiries
    * for questions about warranties
    * for questions about our products

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  40. Scupedman

    Nice bike, I would defiantly need one of does for ruff trails in Toronto

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