Review: Axiom LaSalle Panniers

On my personal site, I finally got around to writing a proper product review for the Axiom LaSalle panniers I bought more than a year ago. While they’re not without their quirks, they’re probably the second thing I would purchase if I had to start from scratch and buy all-new bike commuting gear. The first, obviously, would be a rack to mount them to.

… the LaSalle seemed like the more appropriate choice for my daily, year-round commute and errands due to its size and price. Overall, the workmanship and construction of these bags seems very good. In over a year, they are only showing minimal wear down where the QR skewers have caused some damage. I have seen similar Axiom panniers (not sure of the model, but all part of the Journey Series) in use by other commuters and tourers and they’re still going strong after several years of use. I’d definitely buy these again, if I had a chance.

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  1. Quinn

    I have liked Axiom for a time noe, and I was looking at the Seymour to replace my Old Cannondale panniers,knowing the LaSalle will hold a full grocery bag, I might just go with them!

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