In the market for a new bike

I’ve been eyeing a new bike for a long time now. Not that I really NEED a new bike, but this one has some nostalgia behind it.

This is the KHS Hot Rod.

When I was a kid, I recall my cousins and I would ride bikes around with the two of us on the banana seat. Good times…KHS has had this bike in their line up for a few years and since the day that I laid eyes on it, I’ve wanted it. However, being a responsible adult, there are some obligations that I’ve had to take care of. But now I have the funds to pull the trigger and I can’t wait to buy it!


  1. Beerfart

    “Without Jack, would suck really bad.” Quote from RL
    You can make up for this crappy post by putting up some video of you poppin wheelies on your new bike.

    Sorry I am being harsh, no?

  2. RL Policar (Post author)


    You’re awesome! Thanks, hey, man since you seem like a really cool guy. Why not write for us at You get to have the privilege of testing out new bike equipment, go to Interbike, and get national publicity.

    Let me know if you’re interested.



  3. Jack "Ghost Rider" Sweeney

    Yeah, what the HELL? I happen to know someone who commutes on a vintage Schwinn Pea Picker much like this — it’s certainly not the commuter bike of everyone’s dreams, but no reason to be catty. There’s always room for a new bike.

  4. The Punisher

    I lost my two front teeth on a banana seat bike when I was a kid. Riding with no hands, leaning into a turn, on sandy pavement. Yeah, those were the good old days.

  5. Graham

    I can’t honestly say that I would ever ride a bike like that, but that’s mostly due to a lack of chutzpah. If you can pull it off, I say go for it!

  6. db

    I had a Schwinn Manta Ray as a kid, very similar design, but with the 5-speed “8-ball” shifter on the top tube. Wish I still had that one…

  7. Doug Jesseph

    Stylistically, the hard part of pulling this off is going to be the helmet. You’ll obviously need something other than the plain vanilla brain bucket, but it’s unclear just what will bring the whole look together. I look forward to some pix of the bold new look.

  8. JeffS

    What’s cool about subjecting our kids to POS bikes simply to satisfy our own sense of nostalgia? This has always been a horrible design. Because you weren’t old enough to know better then isn’t an excuse now.

  9. RL

    Jeff S, what heck are you talking about subjecting our kids…Dude this bike is for me.

  10. Graham

    RL, if it makes you feel any better, I was immediately hit with a pic of you riding that bike and it’s inspiring, man. Do IT!

  11. RL Policar (Post author)

    If I pull it off, I gotta make sure I do the whole look. Gotta find a helmet from that era, short, a shirt and the socks.

  12. Ghost Rider

    @Doug — I have JUST the helmet for this bike. I direct your attention to Nutcase Helmets:

    I think the Evel Knievel version would look quite sporting aboard this bike. I have the Stars and Stripes one, and feel like a superhero in it.

    @Punisher…I lost about an acre of skin off the back of a banana-seat bike (purple metallic Sears Spyder with purple glitter-flake banana seat — pure PIMP) back in the day. Wish I still had that bike.

  13. Raiyn

    Sorta reminds me of my ol’ orange hand-me-down Columbia Playbike, but not really in a good way. Try explaining banana seats, sissy bars and bobbed fenders on a boy’s bike during the early 80’s BMX craze. (Particularly when Huffy is producing girls bikes like the Desert Rose)

  14. Doug Jesseph

    @Jack: The right headgear definitely resides in that collection. Depending on the color of the bike, the “Moto flames” might be just the ticket!

  15. BluesCat

    As a kid, I lusted after a Schwinn Stingray (looks a LOT like the KHS Hotrod). My parents couldn’t afford one, so I was forced to ride a hand-me-down, fendered, three-speed diamond framed bike dubbed the “English Racer.”

    When I was looking at recumbents, I came across this:

    Squint your eyes just right and it looks like an adult version of the Stingray. Buying this EZ Sport not only got me into riding ‘bents but satisfied a long held childhood dream … so THERE!

  16. Tym Allison

    Would love to ride one of these again. I “borrowed” my bothers’ bikes, a Sears Gremlin and a Schwinn Stingray, before finally inheriting them. Looked a lot like the Hot Rod. Wish I had them now.

  17. Phil

    I was thinking full face for full protection:

    Poppin’ and jumpin’ on that ride will no doubt take your face places it hasn’t been in a while. This will keep you from eating asphalt.

    As a one time Stingray rider who rode out on self-made dirt tracks, I say, “Go for it” and ignore the naysayers.

  18. Beerfart

    That was an excellent reply to me RL, seriously.
    I will take a pass for now as far as writing for Bike I really do appreciate this blog and all the contributors. I visit almost daily. I must have been drunk and had gas when I left that reply.

  19. ksteinhoff

    Looks like my kid brother’s Sears Spyder from 40+ years ago.

  20. RL Policar (Post author)

    I pulled the trigger folks! I just gave my order for my new KHS Hot Rod, Red! I’ll post pics once I get it.

  21. Doug Jesseph

    Excellent color choice. Looking forward to the pix.


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