May is National Bike Month!

Please allow us to be the first to wish you a happy, safe and fun National Bike Month — there are events going on all around the country and there should be a lot of good times out there…


If you’re new to commuting and just discovering us, take a look at our extensive archives by browsing the category list at the lower right column of our homepage…we’ve covered a LOT of territory in the past few years, including advocacy issues, news and events, product and bicycle reviews and plenty more.

And, if you’re doing something special to celebrate National Bike Month — a group event, personal goal or anything else — please let us know about it in the comments below.

Keep the flesh side up and the rubber side down,
Your friends at RL, Moe, Jack, Elizabeth and Noah


  1. Barb Chamberlain

    In Spokane we’re in our third of year of organizing events for Bike to Work Week. We celebrate this year Sunday May 16-Saturday May 22 (the 7-day week is more inclusive of people working shifts other than Mon-Fri).

    We’ll have an Education Fair in downtown Sunday. Monday we hold our always-fun kickoff breakfast with pancakes from Mountain Gear (Silver level Bike-Friendly Business headquartered in Spokane) and coffee from (also in Spokane; they’ll make you a special blend with your label on it–all fair trade). We’ll have Energizer Stations around the county on various days and finish with a wrap-up party Friday at Steam Plant Grill.

    We’ll have a four-week Commute Challenge that ends June 12, too. Last year we had 62 teams–this year we’re shooting for 80. We had 1,472 registered participants overall last year; this year’s goal is 1,700.

    For more info (or to register if you’re commuting in Spokane County) see

    Co-chair, Bike to Work Spokane

  2. Ghost Rider

    Barb, sounds awesome! Lots of good times to choose from.

    While Florida celebrates Bike Month in March, a lot of local places here in Tampa are revamping stuff they did back then for May, including a list of things from our friends at City Bike Tampa:

  3. Paul Souders

    When I saw the title of this post I thought it said “May is National Bikini Month.” Which would be pretty awesome too.

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