TransForm’s Car-Free Challenge

The folks from TransForm recently sent us their announcement for their “Car-Free Challenge” to be held between June 1 and June 7, 2010.

They even made a cute video to help advertise it…although bicycles aren’t featured, I was pleased to see bike-carrying racks on the bus used in the video:

As an aside, way back in the late 90s, I attended a wedding in my hometown, and the bride and groom left their reception on his-and-hers mountain bikes with cans and streamers attached. That SCREAMS classy — screw the gas-guzzling limo; try a great alternative!

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  1. Anne

    We got that mail too.

    I like the idea…but $45 to “pledge” seemed a bit steep. Makes sense if you live in CA (where the $ will go towards local advocacy etc.)But not really worth it for anyone outside of CA – where $45 would be better spent with an advocacy group in their local community.

    I’ll make a free pledge any day!

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