California DMV share the road video

California DMV released this video 2 weeks ago, perfect timing for Bike to Work month. Enjoy!


  1. Kagi

    Hmm…This is a good try, but it really doesn’t work. Although it repeats the “same rights” line over and over again, it doesn’t actually show what it looks like when people exercise those rights. It shows people riding bicycles only on shoulders or in bike lanes (well, except that one guy with his seat too low;)). A good educational video should show motorists that bicyclists can take the lane, and prepare them to see it happen out on the road.

    Also, the passing advice is terrible: “Move to your left but stay in the lane”?!?! That can lead to only one thing: cyclists being squeezed off the road. How about “wait until it’s safe to pass, and then give a full lane’s clearance”? Much better for everyone.

    I’m pretty ashamed that stuff like this is still being promulgated today. I’m not a total Foresterite — I think that bike lanes and separated infrastructure are a good idea. But when bicyclists and motorists do share the road, they need _full_ equality. Otherwise, people will get hurt. This video fails the test.

  2. cycliste

    The “same rights as vehicles”? But the California Vehicle Code defines bicycles as vehicles. They’re not “motorized vehicles,” but they’re vehicles. Hm. Saying they have “the same rights as vehicles” treats them as if they’re not vehicles.

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