Great Coverage of Bike To Work Day from Cycle Jerk

We got an email today from Jim (also known as Cycle Jerk)…he was featured in a surprisingly well-done piece by USA Today for Bike To Work Day. Here’s the video they shot: CLICK TO WATCH

In Jim’s own words:

I like that this piece focuses on the positive effects bike commuting has on your lifestyle and not just about how much everyone else sucks.

Me too, Jim…me too.

By the way, nice Walz Cap — I’ve got the very same one.

Readers, if you haven’t visited Cycle Jerk before, do so…there’s some great stuff on there.


  1. Iron_Man

    “I think cycling helps me have a higher quality of life because it helps me simplify my life.” So, so, SO TRUE!!!

  2. Cycle Jerk

    Ha! You may be the reason I got the cap. I saw your post a while back when I was looking for caps. Question. Does yours have a custom message?

  3. Ghost Rider

    “Tell ’em Large Marge sent you”. Nice!

    No, no custom message on this cap. We had a limited run of special “” caps:

  4. Phil

    Excellent video! I’ll share it.

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