Random thoughts go through my head while I’m on my bike

Here’s a few things that I thought about while riding my bike.

1.If I could fly, that would be awesome.
2.Should I drink my coffee black or with cream and sugar?
3.If I get hit by a car, would I survive?
4.(this is something I do all the time) Make motorcycle sounds as I pretend to be twisting the throttle.
5.If I took the bus to work, would it save me time?
6.Should I have the tuna or turkey sandwich for lunch?
7.I hope I don’t flat on both tires, I only have 1 tube.
8.Thoughts about random things I have to do at work.
9.How I wished there was a shower at work.
10. How much I love riding my bike, makes me feel free, alive and fantastic!

I don’t know about you, but I find myself thinking of random things while riding. Can you relate?


  1. Michael A

    5) No, it wouldn’t. Takes twice as long. Trust me, I know. πŸ™‚

  2. Vertigo

    I like this post because I am also thinking random things. πŸ™‚ I also pretend that I am riding the Tour de France and the peloton is behind and it’s going to catch me any second. πŸ™‚ Makes it more exciting.

  3. Paul

    4. I do this while walking, pretending to be on a bike, pretending to twist the throttle on a motorcycle.

    9. YES. Then I wouldn’t spend half the day smelling like baby wipes…

  4. Elizabeth

    Ah… I almost posted my “Musings from 2-wheels”, which would include my daily to-do list and all the enthusiasm I have for those to-do’s — until I arrive at my destination — at which point I promptly either forget all those thoughts and/or the bubble of enthusiasm bursts. πŸ™‚

  5. RL Policar (Post author)

    “bubble of enthusiasm bursts.” I can totally relate. It seems like the best parts of my day would be before and after work (on my bike)!

  6. Throcky

    This time of year, although only on the way to work, “Go slow, go slow, go slow”.

  7. Jesse

    Oh heck yeah, random thoughts go through my head while I ride. But they’re usually not so well connected as yours:
    – am I out of eggs?
    – why does it seem like I’m going uphill no matter where I’m going? (I live in Seattle, so I am going uphill no matter where I’m going)
    – why isn’t BP actually trying to stop the oil spill in the Gulf?
    – did that car just try to side swipe me on purpose, or are they texting?
    – I need to remember to water my veggies
    – if one more Prius passes with less than 6″ clearance I’m gonna get medieval on ’em!

    And like Elizabeth said, by the time I arrive most of these thoughts have taken flight never to be seen again. I wonder if I could ride with a recorder of some sort to get this stuff down?

  8. Brian

    That is one of my favorite things about riding – time to think.

    Seriously, can’t really talk on the phone. I rarely listen to music as it’s too hard to hear with the wind. Just me and my thoughts. Very relaxing.

  9. Celsius1414

    For sure — sometimes *too* much. Which is why I subscribe to the notion from Yehuda Moon:

    “If you’re thinking too much, you’re not riding fast enough.”


  10. ha1ku

    I wish my thoughts were so care-free when I commute. Maybe I’m just worry-wart!

    “Geez it’s hot.”
    “I wish there was a shower at work.”
    “I hate this hill.”
    “Does the driver in my rear view mirror see me?”
    “Stay out of the door zone …stay out of the door zone…”
    “Whoah. She’s hot …”
    “Am I taking too long to get to the office? Maybe I’m tired today.”
    “Did I forget to bring deodorant?”
    “I hate carrying this bag.”
    “Someone make me a sammich.”
    “GD it’s hot.”

  11. Ghost Rider

    I make motorcycle sounds, imagine I’m in a big race (for me it is one of the cobbled Classics like Paris-Roubaix…the streets are rough as hell in Tampa), wish I could fly, imagine I can shoot killing lasers out of my eyes, fantasize about yet another career change, dream about just keeping riding rather than turn into my workplace, think about what I’m going to cook for dinner, imagine what my children are going to be like when they’re grownups, fantasize about adding more bikes to my fleet, wish I was home with my family, have “impure” thoughts about spending time with my wife (wink, wink) rather than going to work…I could go on and on.

    But mostly I realize as I’m riding around that there are some beautiful and strange things to see and smell that I would NEVER even notice if I was in a car.

  12. knowledgenomad

    Oh, yeah, all the time. Random sample of random thoughts:

    “Woohoo! I get to feel like I’m 10 years old again instead of being stuck in a tin can.”

    “Why can’t we just cover the LA River basin with solar panels to feed the grid?”

    “Didn’t anybody who planned these streets ever live or visit a country that has decent infrastructure for cyclists?”

    “How come this hill never gets any easier no matter how many times I ride up it?”

    “Should I get an electric assist?”

    “I wish I could afford to sell my car.” (my current commute is 37 mi. — too far to do solely by bike and pub trans).

    “Why don’t other people get as excited about riding as I am?”

  13. Joshua

    — Riding my bike now is way more fun than when I was a kid…is it better now or did I just not realize how cool riding a bike is then.
    — If the river has flooded, maybe I will get to ride through the water on the bike path. (Seasonal)
    — I should lube my chain when I get home.
    — If that guy/gal pulls out and hits me, I will beat them with my lock.
    — Why does it take me 10 more minutes to ride to work.
    — It would be cool if my ride was longer.
    — Why is that lady always sitting in her car, and why is her car running. Does she not realize that she could get out of her car and enjoy the morning.

  14. Elizabeth

    @Jesse — “I wonder if I could ride with a recorder of some sort to get this stuff down?” Exactly!
    Most of these thoughts come to me while riding solo. Somehow when riding with others the thoughts aren’t as random, but I also have someone to tell what I’m thinking. πŸ™‚

  15. Beerfart

    – when I get home, should I have that cold one before, during or after my shower?

    Nice post RL. This is a benefit of commuting by bike that I have never seen show up in all the lists of the benefits. Having time to just be in your oun thoughts for longer than five minutes. For me, I would even use the word meditative.
    Of course, it depends where I am at in my commute, as meditating could be deadly on some roads.

  16. Dottie

    Ha, I’m glad I’m not the only person who morbidly ponders “what if” scenarios with cars.

  17. Wendy P.

    Generally the thoughts are,
    “That was too close, you big–”
    “Don’t hit me, donthitmedonthit– whew…”
    “Ooh. Is that a rattlesnake in the road? No! Good.”
    The other 80% of my thoughts are positive ones! πŸ˜€

  18. The Punisher

    I usually fantasize about some show I just watched the night before. For instance, this morning I was in “The Unit”, Snake Doc, Mr. Brown, and Me, leaving a McDonald’s in full tactical gear crossing Hillborough Ave.. Hey don’t laugh, at least my work has a nice gym and showers, all you baby-wipers. :p

  19. Ghost Rider

    Punisher, you ARE a unit! πŸ˜‰

  20. Iron_Man

    “Do I look good or do I look like a fat guy squeezed into spandex?”

    “Are people as impressed with my calves as much as I am?”

    “Where is that friggin’ tick-tick sound coming from?!?!?”

    “See me! See me!! See me!!! See me!!!! Crap they didn’t see me!”

    “People don’t talk about the concepts of liberty the way our founding fathers did anymore.”

    “Kool and the Gang is perfect for this laid back stretch of the commute.”

    “SWEET, it’s the SMS women’s cross country team up ahead getting in some road work along my route. And they giggled when I road up next to them and said ‘Race ya!’ It’s gonna be a good day.”

    “I wish I could keep going, but here’s the office.”

  21. John in Atlanta

    1.If I could fly, ** I’d thumb my nose at Delta
    2.I take my Coffee the same as way as my women; strong and bitter
    3.I was in a hit and run by a driver, but I was lucky
    4 I make growling sounds at the car, does that count?.
    5.does waiting on the bus cost me MORE time?
    6.Now that BP has screwed up our ocean, is it safe to eat fish ? these tires make my wheel look too flat?
    8.random things I can do to avoid work.
    9. How I wished there was a fitness center and a shower at work.
    10. *** DITTO ***

  22. RL

    “2.I take my Coffee the same as way as my women; strong and bitter”

    Haha that’s classic!

  23. Rachel

    I think about how I can ride like an Urbie:

    Aware and adept riding with agility in traffic.

    Safe and savvy making smart split second decisions.

    Confident and controlled communicating clearly with motorists.

    Positive and proud riding with predictability.

  24. Laura

    I’m good at random thoughts. Today’s included:
    * why are squirrels so stupid?
    * I know I locked the front door, I should stop worrying about it
    * I wish there was a handlebar mount device to switch red lights to green lights just before I reach the intersection
    * goat cheese on a hamburger is delicious
    * then goat cheese makes me think about other delicious cheeses
    * is the plural of cheese cheeses? or is it cheese regardless of the number?
    * the word cheeses then makes me hum hymns from Sunday School
    * fairly sure the entire 5 minutes of my existence was sacrilegious and reminds me of my fear of nuns
    * then I start singing “these are a few of my favourite things” from the Sound of Music

  25. Dave Criswell

    Love it!

    I wrote a blog post last summer on this exact topic and tried to remember my rambling thoughts from a long ride. I came up with about 80, below is a sample:

    I must be one of the luckiest people alive to be able to do this right now.
    What the hell am I doing out here in the rain/dark/heat/cold/snow?
    I bet that not many other triathletes are out here in the rain/dark/heat/cold/snow? I’ll have a leg up on them when race season comes.
    Oh crap, I forgot to pay that bill.
    How am I going to pay that bill?
    When is this f’in hill going to end?
    Why did I sign up for Ironman again?
    It would really suck if I crashed going down this hill at 40 MPH.
    When am I going to have time to shave my legs before this weekend’s long ride?
    I need to pick up the pace if I want to hit my goal time.
    I’m feeling really great, I should pick up the pace a bit.
    I’m feeling like s*!t, I better slow it down a bit.

    The rest are here:

  26. Wendy B.

    Oh no, this looks like a bad neighborhood. Well at least there is alot of cops around πŸ™‚

  27. Marla Gnarla

    I seem to do #4 all the time, too!

  28. Elizabeth

    Unfortunately all my random thoughts rarely stick in my head, so now I’m considering a bento box (or comparable stem bag) so can store a pen and notepad — but would jotting down the thoughts take away from their randomness and spontaneity?

  29. Dave

    I think #1 every day, even when I’m not on my bike.
    But I am somewhat proud that I have never done #4.

  30. Ghost Rider

    Dave…c’mon, you’re among friends…you can admit to making motorcycle sounds! Yes, it’s embarrassing, but admitting it is the first step toward recovery πŸ˜‰

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