Things to do with old innertubes

Matt from BikeHacks (a great site for DIY cyclists) commented on one photo of mine where I had three headlights on my handlebars all at the same time. Yes, you can call me Captain Dashboard.

I was out for about 5 hours after dark, and my other two lights (a blackburn flea, and a modified NiteRider halogen) had both faded to a dim glow.  I whipped out my rigged-up mini-Maglite, which is lashed to my handlebar with a section of modified innertube.

I also frequently cut my old innertubes into thin slices to use as small rubber-bands. Here, they keep my pannier’s straps nice and neat:

I usually patch my innertubes, but once the stem goes out, they get re-purposed. In what other ways do you re-use your old tubes?


  1. PsySal

    I like to wrap them under my bar tape. You have to be careful or it can easily be too thick, but I think a little extra bounce right on the bars is a great thing (especially as I don’t wear cycling gloves.)

  2. stef

    nice! i work a lot with checkpoint products. they never gave me such a cool gift ;-(

  3. Robert

    Great idea about the use of tubes to hold items. I use a Niterider TriNewt during the late summer and early fall months when it is dark when I ride. I also have a Niterider MiNewt for the summer months & for visibility in fog/rain. I don’t carry much of a backup, which is something I need to do. I am hoping the batteries will still hold up for a few more years….nothing like spending a couple hundred dollars on an item that may only last 3 years or so….

  4. harry krishna

    it’s good to know that i’m not the only one.

  5. Iron_Man

    C L E V E R !!!!

    I need to be more creative with things like that. I generally end up throwing them out….after they have sat in a pile in the corner of my garage for a year or two because I felt guilty tossing them and thought I could come up with a use for them. Sigh…

  6. Apertome

    I love the maglite mount trick … thanks for sharing!

  7. db

    Cut tubes make great tie-downs for racks. I also use thin strips to shim the mounts for lights, computers, etc., so that nothing touches the paint/finish on my frame or handlebars.

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  9. Wendy B.

    Mud/Rain Flap(for the front wheel): A guy at a bike shop cut one, so that it made a square and then punched two holes at the top of it. He then used two zip ties to attach it to my frame right above the tire (almost touching it), so water wouldn’t splash up.

  10. daniel

    thanks! i’ve been hankering for ideas.

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