Holiday Gift Guide 2010

The Writing Staff had discussed what bike commuter accessories we’d recommend to our readers for this holiday season. Since we have less than 2 weeks left before Christmas, we figured we’d get this gift guide out to you now so you can start shopping for that bike commuter in your life.

Portland Design Works: Radbot $28.00-Based on the review that Jack Sweeney wrote, he definitely recommend the Radbot for any commuter.

Axiom Spark LightsThe Axiom USB lights are on this list because of the fact they are USB rechargeable. No need to buy batteries, and you can charge them while you’re sitting at your desk working.
axiom lights

axiom lights

Axiom Spark 4.0 USB Tail Light
axiom lights
Axiom Spark 3.0 USB Headlight $19.99
axiom lights
Axiom Spark 1.0 USB Headlight $14.99
axiom lights

Sharrows Vest by Caleb’s Creations
$30. Safety first! Make sure you’re seen on the road. This vest could save your life.

Banjo Brothers Market Panniers
$49.99. This product, 2 of our staffers own them and they simply love the durability, style and it’s very affordable.

Po Campo Rack Tote Retail Price: $160. Sometimes, a female commuter needs a few things to customize their commute a bit more. The Po Campo Rack Tote, does just that. Comes in several colors and its very popular with our lady commuter readers.

Last but not least, The t-shirt! Nuff said. $15+$5 shipping. Interested? Email us,


  1. Ghost Rider

    Dear Santa,

    I’ll take one of each…thanks!

  2. Moby Rider

    It would be nice if this highlighted why these are on the list this year. A little context would go a long way. Thanks!

  3. RL Policar (Post author)

    Moby, thanks for your suggestion. I’ve updated the article.

  4. Moby

    Thanks it is more informative now with the changes. Much appreciated!

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