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Meet our newest writer here at, Vince Rodarte. We’ve known Vince for a few years and we’re VERY excited he’s joining us…he has a lot of practical hands-on knowledge to share and I think he’ll make a great addition to our team. Check him out:

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(image courtesy of  ‘THE MOE’)

Name: Vince Rodarte

Age: 35

Weight: 215lbs

About me: Husband and Father, Bike Junkie, Bike Industry Lifer. I’ve worked in shops, in bicycle manufacturing shops, I’ve done some CAD for bicycles, I’ve wrenched on them for years, I’ve worked for an international manufacturer/distributor as an adult-day care supervisor, I’ve worked for regional sporting goods chain stores, I’ve worked for national chain bicycle stores… You name it, I’ve probably done it…. relating to bicycles, that is.

Riding Style(s): I am a reformed mtn bike racer. I love the simplicity of a single gear. Fixed or freewheeling, one gear is all you need. I can mash a gear to death or gingerly spin a comfortable 110 rpm pace.

Good Day! My name is Vince Rodarte and I am the newest pedal spinner on the staff.

I began bicycle commuting when I got my first bike shop job in 1993 at Hacienda Bikes in Hacienda Heights, CA. Every shop I worked at since then, I have ridden to. My furthest one-way commute was to Rancho Cucamonga, CA (42 miles).
These days I am commuting to work at The Missing Link Bicycle Shop in beautiful NE Portland, Oregon.

My commute is a whopping  .8 miles from door to door, but I run all of my errands by bicycle. I even rode out to the local Target store to finish my Christmas shopping and carried back a load which was too big for my Timbuk2 bag… in the rain!

I do own a car, but don’t drive it very much. It likes to play school bus for my 3 kids (when they aren’t riding their bikes to and from school!)

My current ‘whip’ is this incognito Trek MultiTrack 730 that I have modified to my style…

Rise bars & Shifters : REMOVED / Replaced with Cinelli 42cm drops

Front & Rear Derailleurs: REMOVED

Chain rings: REMOVED

I removed the high-rise bars and mounted my trusty drop bars .

For lighting I am using a ‘mature’ Sigma Mirage EVO w/ a NiCad battery.

There is also a small TORCH flasher (sample from Taiwan from a previous life) on the bar that I use for all-the-time visibility.

I run the proven Planet Bike SuperFlash tail light.

***I am a FIRM believer in running your flashing head/tail lights at all times. The more visible you are the better***

Shown here is my modified front chainring setup. I removed the stock 44/32/22 chainring assortment and mounted an ENVE Alloy Bash Guard w/ matching ENVE 34 tooth 104 BCD ring.

I removed the 7 speed cassette and in its place I am running a ‘prototype’ Q2 Carbon Single Speed Cassette Spacer Kit with a 15 tooth cog. Notice the lack of any chain tensioner… I was able to cut my chain to the perfect length and not have to use a half-link with my selected gearing paired with the 17? chainstay.

It’s been pretty good so far, but I’ll see how my longer rides do with that gearing.

When I got this bike, it had some badly dry-rotted Bontrager hybrid tires on it.

I popped for the Hutchinson CrossTown in a 700c x 37 size.

I decided to try a tire with Hutchinson’s Protect’Air for my flat-proofing… We’ll see how they hold up!

As you might have noticed, this is a bit of an urban cyclocross bike. My goal is to try a few ‘cross races on this sled. It jumps great and has some good snap from a dead stop.

At my current weight of 215 lbs, I will be putting this bike through some serious stress testing.

As a staffer, I plan on putting the same effort into testing and reviewing products for you, the readers!


  1. RL

    Looking forward to your work Vince.


  2. VinceR

    Thanks RL! A new year is upon us, which should mean taking on new challenges! I look forward to working with the entire staff!

  3. Elizabeth

    Welcome aboard! I like your current bike set-up. 🙂

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