Win a Walz Edition Cycling Cap

You can win the LAST Cycling Cap by Walz Cap. The size we’re giving away is a Large/XLarge. So that means don’t ask me if I have a small/medium…this is the last hat…ever! I would like to think that it is some sort of collector’s item, but I doubt it. For now, you can win one, and all you have to do is leave a comment below on what kind of bike(s) you use to commute with and what state you’re in. Simple enough, right?
Walz cap

The only rule I have, no international entries/winners will be accepted. Only lower 48 states can qualify. Sorry Japan, I know we’re huge there, but we just can’t do it.

We will randomly pick a winner based on our mood and how many Machiatos we’ve had that day.

Good luck!
Contest Ends May 11th, 2011 @ 11:59pm.


  1. Dan

    I have a 10 year old Trek 820 – basic straight bar hardtail that I’ve fiited with street tires. It is a good solid all-purpose bike that never fails me.

    My home is in Indiana.

  2. Dan

    Oh, and also, I have an XL head, so that hat would fit me nicely. πŸ™‚

  3. Brian

    I ride a Jetter 10-speed that I originally picked up for $40 and I’ve changed from a dropbar road bike to an upright commuter-cruiser over the past four years.

  4. ethan

    In the winter I commute on a Trek 4500 Alpha. In the Summer I commute on a Trek Allant. I live in New York.

  5. Phil

    Recently a Kona Paddy Wagon single speed or a Specialized Hardrock with an xtracycle attached.

  6. ambimb

    A 2007 Bianchi Milano Parco with the 3-speed hub replaced with a Nexus 7 hub from a 2000 Bianchi Milano w/a cracked frame. Ninety miles/week commuting in Chicago. Living the dream!

  7. Bryan B

    2008 Bianchi C2C Summer Ride
    2010 GT Transeo WfW every other season.

  8. James Park

    I mostly commute in San Francisco, California on a Swobo Sanchez but occasionally ride on an ancient Specialized Allez.

  9. James

    I commute on a single speed Torker U-District in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  10. Zig

    I ride a Trek 1000 in Louisville, Colorado.

  11. Phil

    Ooops…forgot, I also live in Davis, California.

  12. Beebo

    I ride a Trek 7100 that’s pretty much bone stock. I’ve added SKS Commuter Road Bicycle Fenders front & back, a Topeak Explorer rear rack & a Topeak MTX Trunk Bag. I also added a pair of Wellgo SPD pedals. Two Planet bike headlights and a Cateye taillight to try to keep me safe.

    The best part of my bike is my Klean Kanteen insulated bottle – keeps my coffee nice & hot on my 6 mile ride in.

  13. Beebo

    Oh yeah – I live in Eastern NC.

  14. Robert

    I ride a Raleigh Detour Delux in the wilds of Waterloo, Iowa.

  15. Jeff Perry

    I have an Acme Porteur with a front rack that I love. I commute from my home in Kansas City, Missouri to Overland Park, KS.

  16. Everett Keyser

    My extra big head commutes through the streets of Detroit (Michigan) on a mid-80s Schwinn Sprint. 18+ miles/day means that your hat will be seen (plus I’d like to make the other commuters at work jealous!).

  17. Jamie

    I ride a Kona Dr. Good fitted with drop bars. Washington.

  18. Randall Robinson

    I am commuting on a 2010 Specialized Allez. My 12.5 miles one way makes for a good workout here just south of Pasadena, CA (Monterey Park to Monrovia, CA )

  19. Evan

    Yo! I commute on a Surly Crosscheck (mostly in the winter with studded tires) and a Windsor International that I turned into a rocketbike (old ten speed with cruiser bars; faster than a mountain bike and more comfortable than a road bike.)

  20. Evan

    Oh yeah, I live in the great state of Wyoming!

  21. Tom Doyle

    I ride a super fun Giant TranSend DX to work and live in Newport Beach, California.

  22. Bryan

    Surly Longhaul Trucker, 13 miles one way, Arkansas, USA

  23. idahorider

    I ride an 89 Trek 970 in the winter, and a Cycle Genius Falcon the rest of the year. I live in Post Falls, Idaho.

  24. Bill Ferreirae

    I am a 6th grade teacher who rides a Giant OCR3 and a Trek 700 Multi Trak (and hang them on the classroom wall during the day)

  25. Bill Ferreirae

    In Sacramento, CA

  26. Adam

    I have a 2005 Trek road bike with a rack. Bought it back in college with left over scholarship money (woot). But now I have been eying one of those Surlys and drooling over Rivendell. Since I am an art teacher they are both out of my price range now, but maybe someday…
    Denver, CO.

  27. Tom

    I commute on a Raleigh Cadent FT1 (2008) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  28. Joe

    Mid 70’s steel road frame. Madison, WI.

  29. Rudy

    Raleigh One-Way modded with 3spd and moustache bars and a 26″ wheeled frankenbike in Chicago. Building the stats for the NU Library bike-to-work team.

  30. Dan Lipnisky

    Hi! I commute daily on a vintage Peugeot UO-8, circa 1974, I’m based in southern California. Some days I’ll get out my 1974 Peugeot PX10 just for fun. Love this website, maybe I’ll get lucky and win the hat!

    Take care folks!

  31. Michael Carbiin

    Nothing less than a Surly LHT is qualified to commute my ass to work. I love the feel of steel between my legs.

  32. Bobby D.

    I ride a 2008 Raleigh Sport,in West Valley, Utah.

  33. Keith's Dad

    I commute by Surly Cross Check and live in Washington State.

  34. Michael Carbiin

    Nothing less than a Surly LHT is qualified to commute my ass to work in Carmichael, California. I love the feel of steel between my legs on my daily ride

  35. Melanie Kramme

    1990 trek 520 white touring bike in Novato CA

  36. tom

    ’09 Trek 3700 that I bought brand new last may, with 26×2.125 Electra “the hotster” flame print tread smooth tires, bar ends, red camo grip tape, rack, pb fenders, ortlieb backrollers, ascent red blinkie, and a magicshine mj816 headlight.. um… and probably some other stuff… and I commute year round in Cleveland, Oh now πŸ™‚

  37. Mir.I.Am

    HOLLA PEEPS! Hook it up for the girl in Honolulu, Hawaii who is reppin the 2009 Scott Speedster S40! for real, you can even mail it to cali and I will make my fam bring it over when they visit… besides I never took payment in Bike stickers for the last two guest articles πŸ™‚

  38. Raiyn

    Down here in Florida I use my 40 year old Schwinn Varsity or my 12 year old Specialized Hardrock depending on the weather.

    That hat would fit my plus size noggin just fine from what I can tell.

  39. Fred Hintze

    I commute to my shop on a 2008 Specialized Globe Sport, with some modifications: 36-spoke Rhino Lite Wheels, Jandd racks front and back, Globe Haul fenders, SRAM Apex 2X10 drivetrain, 4 Flashpoint headlights and 4 Planet Bike Superflash taillights. Makes a great commuter, and a fine randonneur.
    And I wear an XL cap…

  40. Nicholas

    I ride a 1985 Schwinn High Sierra, with drop bars and large volume street tires. This old ATB is ultra-versatile and has been all over France and Mexico, but currently commutes in Maryland.

  41. Tim Lauer

    I commute on a Trex FX 7.3 and I live in Portland, OR

  42. rkt88edmo

    Surly Big Dummy in sunny California

  43. Juan Hernandez Jr.


    I commute on a 2010 Fuji Roubaix 1.0

  44. Kendall

    I commute on my pepto-pink Specialized Allez pro to the bus stop in Eagle Mountain, UT

  45. Aaron green

    Hello all,

    I ride an ’07 surly LHT for all of my commuting around Portland, Oregon where I live.

    Happy riding,

  46. Clancy

    Xtracyle when I have to drop off the kids at school. Talisman (mysterious hand built road bike) ; fast commutes. One of my cruisers for Friday commutes.

    I live in Idaho with cold winter and blazing hot summer commutes.

  47. Neil Warner

    On One Pompino most days, occasionally swap to the Tifosi CK7. State? Middle aged and overweight.

  48. Mike Myers

    Most days I commute on a Gunnar Sport, but I also use a Bridgestone XO-2. I am a BoB in Florida, which makes me a rarity.

  49. John

    Torker KB2 in Austin, TX

  50. Clinton

    Depending on my mood either a Dawes SST AL fixed gear, my Norco CCX One cyclocross with 28 mm slicks, or if the gf wants to come as well a Trek T100 tandem converted to be a road tandem. I’m in Tampa, FL.

  51. Dacius

    I own a Jamis Coda Sport with full fenders, rack, wired lights. My pedaling grounds are sunny Jacksonville, fl

  52. Joseph

    In good weather I ride a late 80s Peugeot Versailles. In poor weather I ride a Bianchi Volpe with full fenders. I commute in Milwaukee, WI.

  53. Mark

    If I’m just going out to eat or meet friends, and don’t need to carry anything, I ride a single-speed Raleigh One-way. For grocery runs and vacation rides, I used my Long Haul Trucker. It took me from Atlanta to Chattanooga a few weeks ago. I live car-free in GA.

  54. Scott C

    For bad weather: 1990 Specialized Rockhopper all fendered up and with city tires. (Name: Blooregard)

    For fair weather: 2010 Surly Pacer, which the wife calls my mid-life crisis bike.

    For when I’m feeling crazy: 1986 Peugeot Corbier (rescued from trash) converted to fixed gear/single speed.

    Location: Norfolk, VA Go!!!

  55. Brandon

    Earlier this year I sold both cars and bought a Civia Bryant and decked it out with a Brooks saddle, SKS fenders, VO porteur rack, Topeak MTX rear rack, and BB7 discs. I also bought a Surly Bill trailer to haul pretty much anything that my cars would.
    I’m car-free and loving it. I commute daily in Ashland, Virginia. A small, Mayberry-like town located north of Richmond.

  56. Matt

    In Center City Philly I ride an Alpha Campus. Slicks when no chance of ice, others when things start getting slippery. It goes with me rain, shine, or snow.

  57. locus

    I normally ride a custom-painted (smurf blue) Surly Big Dummy as my regular commuter here in Washington, DC. It’s very easy to carry work items (briefcase, gym bag, etc.) while I’m dropping off two kids at school on my way.
    I hope that living in the District of Columbia doesn’t disqualify me for the contest. We’ve been working really hard to fully acquire status as a legitimate state, but it hasn’t happened yet…

  58. Kim

    I’m usually riding my Surly Crosscheck to work. I’ve got fenders and a rack for my paniers, and plenty of lights. If I’m expecting rain I ride my Swobo Dixon. I’d love to get a Surly Big Dummy, but I’m keeping an eye out for the right bike to put a FreeRadical on.

  59. Jim Tolar

    I ride a GT Transeo 4.0 daily, 7 miles each way, here in Arizona (Mesa, to be specific).

  60. Stephen Fisher

    Winter or locking the bike outside: 1985 Peugeot SuperSport single speed conversion rescued from the trash.
    Bad Weather: 2008 Giant FCR3 with fenders and rack.
    Good Weather: Devinci Caribou Touring bike with a Rack.
    Commute in Burlington ON so I can’t qualify (although I am only 1 hour away from Niagara Falls, NY).

  61. Ben

    I ride a Mercier Kilo WT5 with full fenders everyday (rain, sleet, snow, 105 deg F, -20 deg F, 50mph wind, and hell that can happen in the same week). My battlefields are the mean streets of Amarillo, TX where the HD diesel 4×4 rules the road with a rebel flag in the rear window and over-sized plastic testis dangling from the ball hitch.

  62. Tim

    I ride year-round in Austin, TX on Dynamic’s Crosstown 7. I have full fenders front and rear, use Michelin’s bomb-proof Pilot City tires, and have replaced the front rim brakes with a disk.

  63. Bala

    IRO Rob Roy single speed in Austin, Texas.

  64. Mark

    2010 Salsa – Chili Con Crosso and a 15 year old Raleigh R 500 Aluminum Road Bike. I ride in St. Louis, MO

  65. Frank

    Commute to world trade center project on a ’76 raliegh that I found at the town dump. Love riding fixed in NYC. Love the blog… have large head (hat size).

  66. Will

    I ride an old Raleigh Super Course (circa 1969)which is a second generation bike. My dad rode it in college and now I do too. I ride in Clemson, SC.

  67. John L

    For around town, Burlington VT that is, I ride a singlespeed late 70s Fuji, and for my commute or longer rides I mount a early 90s Trek tourer. Thanks for the great site.

  68. Kit

    2009 Marin Portofino in Portland,OR

  69. LaFenboy

    1985 FUJI Sagres daily rider in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  70. cyclefreaksix

    Kilo tt pro fixed gear. I’m in Plano, Tx where you can find a few hardy commuters…

  71. DJ

    Usually my ride is on a 2008 Kona Jake. Sometimes it is on a 70’s-ish Schwinn Sprint single speed convert with Titec H-Bar. My morning commute starts in Minnesota and ends in North Dakota.

  72. Justin

    Trek Alpha 1000. I’m often the only bike at the building. I ride in Cedar Rapids, IA.

  73. Philip

    1986 Schwinn Letour; lots of dirt and grime (I should clean it more frequently); needs fenders but there is no space for them; 23 km commute round trip.

  74. TK

    Surly Crosscheck. NE.

  75. CrankyMule

    I commute on a Frankensteinized Univega 80s era roadbike. It’s nice and light, good for carrying up stairs at the train stations and at work and cheap enough that I don’t mind locking it up outside. Also have a new constructed Soma Double Cross with racks, fenders and a tow hitch for my kids Trail-a-Bike. I currently commute in Atlanta, Georgia.

  76. Jason

    I commute around Seattle, WA on a Kona Jake the Snake.

  77. abraham jimenez

    Vancouver B.C. Surly cross check. Full fenders. 7-speed friction shifting. Touring bars.

  78. Larry Meadows

    I ride a Trek 7.3FX when commuting the streets of St Petersburg, FL.

  79. Mark Brooke

    2009 Gary Fisher Marlin Disc with Geax Street Runner slicks in and out of traffic in Dallas, Texas.

  80. Patrick

    I’m the slow guy on the Soma Double Cross gliding across the bike lanes of Greenville, SC.

  81. Retired

    I don’t commute, but my basic transportation on the roads and trails of the Saint Louis, MO region is a Specialized Hard Rock hybrid.

  82. Jack

    Oh, oh, oh!

    I ride a Rocky Mountain Metro every day. I live in the lovely state of Washington, although I wish I lived somewhere a tad sunnier and warmer.


  83. Beerfart

    1980 Sakae Ringyo(SR)with riser bars in Tampa. FL.

  84. freddy.brett

    I ride a 1979 Schwinn Le Tour IV that I recently purchased off Craig’s list in a “never been ridden” condition. Lights, fenders, front rack. Year-round in Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, Ma.

  85. Ben

    I ride a Marin Novato w/ full fender and rear rack in Austin TX.

  86. Rain Panther

    When it’s sunny, I take Blue Betty, a battered old racer with pink rims. When it’s rainy (past 10 months or so here in Portland, OR), I mostly go with Sturdy Stanley, an Electra 3 speed. But I’ve got my eye on that Torker kickback- gonna take me a test ride later this afternoon…

  87. Faceman

    Atlanta and I commute on a bike that was cobbled together from various parts at SoPo Bikes, Atlanta’s community bicycle cooperative. I believe it was a big box store drop bar road bike. Now it is a flat bar single speed commuter with a very bright and questionable paint job (flourescent pink frame and flourescent orange forks).

  88. Mike Griswold

    I ride a 1985 Raliegh Team USA converted to Single Speed, that I have owned since I raced Crits in College way back in the day. I live and commute everyday in Houston Texas.

  89. Electronic Smoke Screen

    I ride a 1995 Giant Allegre with road fenders and SPD’s in the brilliant City of Chicago, IL.

  90. Eric

    I’m in Central OR and I ride a DB Podium 1 cross bike in the rain and winter and some old road bike (all decals and identifiable information was stripped when I got it) that’s converted to a single speed.

  91. Juan

    I ride a Masi Speciale CX in San Diego, CA!

  92. Ross

    I work at Homewood Cycles in Birmingham, AL and ride my Caad 8 over the hill to work everyday.

  93. Paul Manocchio

    I ride a Top End handcycle. My ride is 12 miles each way. My ride takes me from residential streets, to a bus line with a bike path on one side, then to a semi busy street, back to a bike path and ending on a semi busy street. My ride is the best part of my day. I see a growing number of riders.

  94. Paul Manocchio

    My ride goes from Van Nuys to Burbank, California on my Top End Handcycle.

  95. Jeremy

    crap weather: converted schwinn varsity
    everything else: trek pilot

    All of which is in the beautiful metropolis of Chicago, IL! Even better, it sounds like my commute’s about to get a lot longer with a move, from 10 miles RT to 17. Good times.

  96. Eric P

    I commute on an old converted Specialized Hard Rock in my hometown of Georgetown, Texas just north of Austin.

  97. Mike

    I ride a long haul trucker and am located in Santa Clarita, CA.

  98. Iron_Man

    Since I have a massive noggin’ I’m destined to win. I have two road bikes that get me around most of the time. One is a 2001 Jamis Ventura Comp and the other is a 2002 KHS Flite 500. When the roads are covered in snow or ice I put studded tires on a 2000 Jamis Dakar Comp mtn bike. A full suspension beast is not an ideal choice, BUT it’s what I have….so. I also use this bike to pull the kids to school in the trailer, then a quick run back home to swap out for a road bike.

  99. Iron_Man

    Crap! And I’m in Missouri.

  100. no1mad

    ’06 Kona Smoke (the reviews here was a major contributing factor in buying it) and I’m in OK.

  101. chrisc927

    Workcycles Opa and I’m in Illinois.

  102. clint

    I commute on a Raleigh mountain bike with hybrid tires and I live in South Carolina.

  103. PhilGE

    I commute on an Xtracycle based on a Trek 4300. I live in Indiana (how’d that happen?).

  104. Guy

    I commute on a GT Avalanche 2.0 mountain bike circa 2010. Outfitted with bar ends to wrestle the nasty San Francisco hills. Was previously on a Raleigh M-800 until I cracked the frame.

  105. aks

    A Schwinn roadbike, Maryland.

  106. Kevin

    Albany, NY

    2007 Masi CX


    Hardcore riders are bred here. Hills and ice.

  107. Tim Segard

    I ride a Seven Halcyon in TN

  108. Elizabeth

    I never even got one… πŸ™
    (too bad i’d need a small… and i’m in the market for a new cap, too)

  109. Bobby Rishel

    I ride a Scott Speedster 40 to work which is 57 miles round trip here in Pennsylvania.

  110. Jim

    Novarra Randonee. I live in Alabama.

  111. jfahey327

    Giant FC3, Albany, NY

  112. spytr

    Iron Horse sage 3.0,Ohio

  113. harry krishna

    still trying to get out of ga (since xmas 1966), loving my brand new breezer uptown infinity (which this site turned me onto)

  114. freddiemac

    I commute on Redline 925. I live in Denver, CO.

  115. Kevin Hopps

    Love the cap. I commute in California with a Trek hybrid.

  116. Adam "Cezar" Jenkins

    1986 Schwinn world sport with bullhorns, and velocity dyads wheels I build. Illinois.

  117. Bill Traver

    I commute on a Jamis Commuter 3.O in New York

  118. Rob Rowe

    I’m commute on a Trek 7.3fx in Boulder, CO (after commuting for 2 years in the ‘burbs north of Philadelphia).

  119. John the nonstop cyclist

    My current commuter bike is a Mongoose Insight hybrid. I ride year-round in Portland Oregon.

  120. Eric Boyd

    I commute on a Giant Escape City (2011) in Ann Arbor, MI.

  121. Stephen Thomas

    Novara Big Buzz, Georgia

  122. tim henery

    1991 Cannondale M2000. I live in Winter Springs FL, 15 min outside Orlando.

  123. BluesCat

    I commute on a 2008 Sun EZ-Sport recumbent. With the panniers, rack bag and handlebar bag, I can take along everything I need.

    My commute to work takes me eight miles through central Phoenix. The weather in south-central Arizona allows for bike riding year-round, with no need for heroic bike gear or clothing.

    A large cap fits me PERFECTLY!

  124. ha1ku

    Big guys in Georgia need hats too.

    2008 Dahon Speed TR

  125. C.J.

    1998 Diamondback DBR V-8 with slicks here in Eastern Iowa.

  126. Jamal Warner

    I use a Giant XTC 29er Hardtail with specialized Armadilo 700X38 tires on it. I live in Northern VA right outside of DC

  127. Dan Gaz

    I ride a 2005 Little 500 Schwinn singlespeed (think “Breaking Away” as it’s the exact same bike. Coaster brakes and a sweet 46×18 gearing.

  128. Dan Gaz

    Forgot to mention that I ride it in SE Minnesota.

  129. Luke

    I ride to work on a Marin Larkspur. I live in Lincoln, NE.

  130. Rob Russell

    Trek 6000 – Older than my marriage

    Albany, NY

  131. Jack B

    I commute on a Trek Mountain Trail, Cro-moly all rigid, with lots of lights, fenders, front and rear racks. I have just about used up my Michelin City tires and am going to switch back to a Contintental. I commute thru Cary, NC.

  132. Geoff Abbas

    Xtra on a GT Hybrid in NY

  133. Eric

    Surly Long Haul Trucker (touring bike) in California.

  134. Bob Schroeder

    Commute on a Zinn Cyclocross 7 mi to downtown Phoenix AZ year around, well only if its <108F in summer.

  135. Niki

    Specialized HRXC in California

  136. Nathan

    Matte silver 2003 Specialized road bike. I live in the North Bay and commute daily across the Golden Gate Bridge. Man, it’s windy here!

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