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I was checking out our Facebook FanPage and realized, we’ve got a ton of dudes on bicycles. So that leads me to wonder, what the ratio would be from men to women bike commuters. In my given area, I’ll rarely see any women commuters at all. It makes me wonder that if a single (unattached) woman were to become a bike commuter in this men-infested field, could their chances of landing dates, a boyfriend and eventual husband be higher than of those who don’t?
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One thing you’ll already have in common would be bike commuting, so that means you’ll never run out of things to talk about. What do you folks think? If you’re you’re a single woman, do you seem to get more dates because of bike commuting.

If you’re a dude, do you find women who bike commute more interesting and attractive?


  1. karen

    Well, I’m no longer single but I am a runner and when I started dating my husband, he was aware that his chances of moving past date 3 would greatly improve if he were a runner. Now we are married and both bike commute. I really find myself gravitating to friends who bike commute as well. We share a common bond, a method of problem solving and looking at our community.

  2. BluesCat

    Although GUYS look silly in it, there a few things sexier than a shapely female biker poured into a set of Lycra shorts and top!

    “…do you find women who bike commute more interesting and attractive?”

    Oh yeah.

  3. Andrea

    I am a single female bike commuter and have been for some time, I did think initially it would be great to meet a guy while riding bikes…but that is not the case….

    Here are the male bike commuters that I know:
    Old and married.
    Too weird(even for me).
    Extremely hipster.
    Too into themselves to notice a girl on a bike.

  4. Deb

    Haha! This post made me laugh!

    I’m a single female bike commuter, and it never occurred to me that bike commuting would be a way to get dates. Sure, it’s mostly guys out there, and we wave at each other from across the lanes of traffic, but it’s not exactly a good time to make connections!

    I also am commuting out in the ‘burbs, so we’re a sparse bunch. I rarely see anyone going in my direction, and some of the guys really are weird – have to agree with Andrea about that! Weird as in socially awkward, to the point where if you say hello they look at you as if they really wish they hadn’t forgotten their tinfoil hat.

    Pretty sure if I wanted to meet possible bike commuting dates I’d have to get involved in the local bike advocacy group, do things like that. Of course Bike to Work Day *is* coming up. Not too late for them to capitalize on this idea of yours! We could use Daily Mile instead of eHarmony. πŸ˜€

  5. RL

    Socially awkward bike commuters? What the heck guys? Do we need to come out with an article on how to interact with others on the road, especially the ladies?

  6. Ghost Rider

    “Here are the male bike commuters that I know:
    Old and married.
    Too weird(even for me).
    Extremely hipster.
    Too into themselves to notice a girl on a bike.”

    This just cracks me up — I know a bunch of commuters like this, too! Not exactly prime material for the ladies…

    Bike commuting is not a great way to meet others, but it is a good connection to have once you’ve met someone special. Bike advocacy events and meetings are definitely a better way to meet like-minded folks, male or female.

  7. Elizabeth

    I guess I fit this demographic… so let me chime in. Finding a like-minded cyclist/commuter is important. Of course, since I live in an urban setting, getting around by bike is often the easiest – and most fun – way of getting around.

    In Chicago I love the commutes when I only see fellow female bike commuters! πŸ™‚ Our group is growing. Thanks to Dottie from LGRAB, we even have monthly brunch meet-ups and other activities.

  8. Graham

    It took the Mrs a little while to figure out why I don’t mind letting her set the pace on our rides, but she’s caught on now and insists that turnabout is fair play… it’s only fair, I guess.

    I have to agree with the folks here, nearly all of the bike commuters I meet are extremely weird and/or scary (of either sexual persuasion) and I can’t blame anyone for not introducing themselves.

    Of course I live in the sticks of NC, and things might be different in some hype urban center… I hear we’re getting a dentist soon!

  9. Al

    Hmmm, I commute by bike and did many years ago. I’ll admit to being old and married now, but 15 years ago I commuted by bike and I was young and ok, attached.

    Weird? How can you tell just by someone riding by? Most of the people I see commuting appear normal. I’m curious how the weird assessment is made?

  10. Graham

    I can’t speak for others of course, but I generally regard disheveled individuals who mutter continuously to themselves while leering at me to be “weird.”

    Perhaps this is actually normal behavior and I’m the weirdo (always a distinct possibility), but on the whole I find such interactions unsettling.

  11. Ben

    Definitely a lot of weird people out there. I can imagine it’s why cars really caught on. People could finally get away from the weirdos. I don’t know what it is about cycling and bike commuting in particular. But it definitely attracts the fringe element. Just scan the comments at Yehuda Moon for confirmation.

  12. Mike Myers

    I’ve seen a few female bike commuters around here. It’s tough to be a bike commuter here. Things are getting better, but still there’s a lot of traffic and minimal cycling infrastructure.

    It may be scarier for women than men. Being on the road on a bike makes one vulnerable. I’ve taken enough crap from dudes because of my cycling clothes—and I’m a short, bald, muscular guy. What kind of crap would a fit woman in lycra take? Or worse, a less-than-fit woman?

    Women with children are less likely to commute, because in lots of relationships the wife is the primary child transporter. Tough to do that on a bike, even a Big Dummy or a Bakfiets(especially if she has to wear business clothes).

    I think bike commuting(in America) is going to be the domain of the old, married, old and married, weird hipster narcissists for a long time. But you never know, I might meet the right girl on a bike.

  13. Doug D

    As a married/old man, I am not looking for dates, but I could definitely see the appeal of dating a fellow bike commuter. I would say though, that bike commuting doesn’t really define me nor do I suspect that it defines many women. I would therefore say that the percentage of bike commuting women who would be a good match for me is similar to the percentage of the general population who might be compatible.

  14. karen

    Chiming in again. I’ve never noticed a significant number of “weird” cyclists where I live but then again, I live in a mountain town/college community with a lot of sports and fitness minded people. Most people here commute in their regular work clothes so lycra issues (the good, bad and ugly) don’t figure too much in it. I’m married and my husband also bike commutes and I have to say, he’s a hottie, as are most of the men I know who bike to get around. They also tend to be outdoorsy, really interesting, with none of the social awkwardness some of the other commenters mentioned. There is hope.

  15. Mir.I.Am

    TOTAL DISAGREE!!! bike commuting for singles is awesome and does not involve heavy amounts of weirdness or lycra! I’m taken now by my bf – a fellow commuter, and as a female who rides with plenty aloha, I have met tons of new guy and girl friends at stop lights. Just make an effort, ladies, tis all you gotta do. Kick it up to catch that cute guy or girl at a light and say “nice blinky lights, where you riding from?” INSTA-friends! And if you are sketchy and weird, doesn’t matter if you’re commuting by bike, bus, train, or car, you are stiull gonna be sketchy.

  16. jason birl

    I am in Philadelphia and I see tons of females on bikes. Never thought anything of it until I saw a recent report that attributes bike lanes to attracting female riders:

    Check out this report that places Phila. high on the list of US cities for the # of female cyclists:


  17. Deb

    Graham described a couple guys I see, with the muttering and misplaced tinfoil hats. There’s also the ones who pointedly look away when you try to do a friendly greeting. Or the old grouchy guy who will only return my greeting if it’s an absolutely miserable day, so he can remark triumphantly that he’s not a fair weather commuter.

    But just this week I had a very nice and not-weird man chat with me at a light. Of course I thought of this post, but I still am not convinced it is very practical as a method for mate finding. Unless you are very regular with the time you leave, and have the same schedule as the other person, these brief red light chats are one-offs.

    The grouchy old man is the only one I see regularly.

  18. Sam

    I’m happily married but most days I barely see any rider – male or female. There has been an uptick since the recent gas price increase, and yes, it is overwhelmingly all men. Although, I can’t imagine dating any of the guys I know if I were single they all seem to fall into Andrea’s categories of Old, Old and married, Too weird(even for me), extremely hipster, too into themselves to notice a girl on a bike.

  19. Christina

    As a single woman, we certainly are the minority. I’ve never dated another cyclist, though I would certainly be open to it. I’ve even been known to say hello to others at lights, but it is difficult to talk about anything more than the weather before parting ways. I think other bike-related groups are the way to go… maybe I should take my own advice.

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