Video: Bikes Make Life Better

Our friends at tipped us to a new video they’ve posted on YouTube. It combines bicycles and light art, two of my favorite things, and is really quite enjoyable. Seeing as how National Bike Month is in full swing around the country, the video is certainly worth sharing.

In their words,

We all know that when people ride bikes, life is better. In this short video, we bring this idea to life as riders trigger projectors throughout a city, transforming an urban environment into a vibrant, colorful world. A world made better, by bikes.

Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments below.


  1. Will Delson

    Great video! Very uplifting!

  2. Margaret

    Magical and marvelous!

  3. Andrea

    This video definately displays biking happiness…but they are all riding at night and I only saw one headlight >.<

  4. joseph

    Great inspiring video. I was surprised that most of the people were not wearing helmets! Would have liked to seen helmets. Just my bias!

  5. Roy


  6. BluesCat

    Superb. Captures the glorious freedom you feel when you are out there with nothing but the wind between you and the environment.

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