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Dear fellow cyclists,
As the Ride of Silence approaches — Wednesday night, May 18, 2011 for most communities — let’s take a moment now to reflect why we ride in silence and for whom. As someone commented on the Ride of Silence’s Facebook page – “the great thing about the Ride of SILENCE, it’s the same spoken in any language.” Silence is truly a universal and powerful language.

Below in the comments, please list the name of a bicyclist (could be yourself as a crash survivor) that you honor and wish to always be remembered.

Then please take a moment to also add this honoree info here (which will be collected by official ROS organizers for possible inclusion on the memorial page, which hopes to soon include injured cyclists). To see a list of all cyclists who have already been memorialized on the ROS site, visit the “In Memoriam” page.

Now – fellow bike bloggers… help us make another “silent” statement before the night of the ROS silent procession. Please re-post this exact post on your own blog asking the same of your readership (to comment with the names of bicyclists they honor and remember and to repost).

This is our “honor roll” for all bicyclists that the Ride of Silence (the global bike community) will never forget! We honor in this “silent” way all those who have been killed or injured by respectfully saying nothing at all… as we put a name to all cycling crash victims who we will never forget.

Please also add the names of cyclists we honor to the ROS Honor Roll database for statistical collection purposes –

Let the Silence ROAR.


  1. siouxgeonz

    Cindy Combs was killed in early April by a driver “looking down at some papers” (on a wide open prairie road on a clear day); her husband critically injured… features David and his indomitable spirit.

  2. Elizabeth (Post author)

    Please add CIndy to the ROS database of victims we memorialize –

  3. Randi Mathieu

    Brad Ash was killed last October when hit by a car near Tampa. He was an old friend that I had lost touch with but thanks to the wonder of social media got back in touch with. He was coaching memlong-distance through FB when he was hit. Tomorrow’s Ride of Silence will be my first road ride since the tragedy.

  4. Derek Eason-Towers

    Nick Haverland,
    Jim Swarzman,
    Derek Eason-Towers

  5. Elizabeth (Post author)

    ALL – please add these names to the ROS database for statistical collection purposes –

  6. Mason Barker

    Mason is a member of the Michigan State Triathlon Team. He was hit on August 18th 2008 while he was training for Ironman Wisconsin which was only weeks away. He continues to make progress everyday and is an inspiration to all who know him. this will be our third year riding in honor of Mason.

  7. Liz Altieri

    Fess Green was a Radford University professor and veteran cyclist who was killed April 2008 while riding home from work. Fess was instrumental in building the Riverway and restoring Wildwood Park.

  8. SJ Briese

    On May 26, 2005, my Mom, Jan Briese, was leading her Thursday morning Joliet Bicycle Club ride as she had for the past 12+ years, when she was struck and killed by 88 year old motorist, John G. Feely of Palos Heights, IL. Feely walked away free from responsibility and 2 minor traffic charges in a mockery of a trial in March 2006, courtesy of Will County Associate Judge Lawrence Gray. It’s shocking to believe but more often than not justice is not served when a cyclist is killed by a motorist.

  9. Kathy

    Clinton Micelli
    I didn’t know him, but I came across his bike and helmet lying on LaSalle St. an hour after his crash. So I’m riding for him.

  10. Mike H

    Hillsborough county in Florida, specifically Tampa, has had over 14 cyclists killed in the last 12 months. I am riding for them all.

  11. Paul Lopeaz

    ” And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without rain, there would be no rainbow.” Gilbert K Chesterton.
    I ride to work in the rain. To the store or bank in the rain. Sometimes I ride in the rain just for fun. Today I ride to remember, with the tears from the sky.

  12. Elizabeth

    @Paul…. wow… well put: “Today I ride to remember, with the tears from the sky.” I may quote you at the start of the Chicago ROS.

  13. Doug

    Trish Quane

  14. Brent Cohrs

    Here’s a recap of the Ride Of Silence in Arlington Heights Illinois;

  15. Mandie

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