E-Bikes On the Rise (Again)

We just got this tidbit from one of our PR industry friends…an article from a new digital magazine put out by GE called The Txchnologist. The following article is on the continued rise of electric and electric-assist bicycles in the U.S. market:

No news story or movie about China is complete, it seems, without images of throngs of people riding two, three and four abreast down the street on bicycles, both manual and electric. This latter type, known as the e-bike, has seen exponential growth in recent years; one estimate had 100 million e-bikes plying China’s roads in 2009.

Now Americans, prompted by high gas prices and growing eco-consciousness, are slowly embracing the e-bike, too. E-bike sales in the U.S. have been growing at a 21 percent annual clip – albeit from a modest base – and could reach 785,000 a year by 2016, according to Pike Research, a clean energy market research firm.

Read the rest of the article by visiting the Txchnologist site. We’ve been talking about the rise of e-bikes here for a while now, especially the past year or so. Still, I haven’t seen too many “in the wild” — and absolutely ZERO since I moved to Ohio. Have any of you noticed more e-bikes on the streets where YOU live?


  1. Graham

    No E-bikes here on the coast of NC yet. Of course with our relatively flat terrain there isn’t a real need for one. Most of our cyclists are “guys on bikes,” and I don’t see them as being the targeted demographic for the E-bike anyway.

  2. Tim

    I am seeing more e-bikes on the roads in Austin, TX. I think I have seen 3 or 4 different ones in the last month. My commuted currently takes me to the UT campus, where there is a substantial bike commuter population.

  3. Dacius

    There is a guy in town that has a kitted bike. He bought the lit and added it to his mountain bike. The entire bike weighs like 80 pounds. It is very intimidating to me personally. Think I will stick with leg power or until someone is willing to buy me a G.R.A.C.E. Hehe

  4. Every Bicycle

    e-Bikes would be against the reason most of us ride in the first place. There will be a niche of those that will ride e-Bikes but the rest of us will enjoy real cycling.

  5. Ghost Rider

    Hmmm…that’s rather presumptuous. I’ve been riding for over 30 years, yet I barely have a handle on why I ride, let alone anyone else.

    I used to be an e-bike naysayer just as much as others. It’s shortsighted to believe that so-called “real cyclists” would eschew such a thing.

  6. Snabonzia

    Here in Vancouver, BC we’ve been seeing electric bikes for over five years now. It started as mostly Asians riding them but now I see all types of people. Many are Italian scooter style and others are mountain bikes or commuter bikes with motors and batteries added to them. There are specialty stores that carry them.

  7. Mike

    I have 2 electric bikes and I happen to believe there is a definite purpose for them. I do a lot of road biking on the weekends, mountain biking after work and cruising the neighborhood with my family any chance I get. But when I commute to work (12 miles round trip in the Houston, Tx heat) I find it easy to get to work without sweating on my E-bike.
    The problem from where I live is that the average person works 25 miles from work and most of our roads are 4 lanes wide and 65 mph.

  8. Rider

    I’ve seen two in North Florida in the last year or so.

    Both riders enjoyed them, and both used them to commute over hilly routes.

    Got a ride on one — like a dang rocket!

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