A Hat Tip from The Greenists

Here’s something to share — our site was featured on the excellent “The Greenists” online magazine. I was able to answer some general bike-commuting questions for the author, Jacob Johnston, and his article “Pedal Power to the Rescue”. Jacob is a new commuter, and seems very excited by the prospects of riding two wheels instead of four.

Spin on over to The Greenists to take a look at the article…a nice roundup of tips and observations for the first-time or newish bicycle commuter. You can read the full article by clicking here.

Thanks to Jacob for a very pleasant interviewing experience and for being eager to learn and share tips with his readers at The Greenist. Enjoy yourself out there; get on that bike and ride!


  1. BluesCat

    Good article, Jack.

    I like the general tone … “Relax! You’ll find it’s just not that big a deal!”

  2. Ghost Rider

    Blues Cat,

    thanks — that is exactly the tone I try to stress anytime anyone asks about bike commuting. We all have to strive to dispel the myths and relay the positive, simple aspects to a potential new commuter…it’s our mission! The author of The Greenists article did a great job in conveying this to his readers.

  3. Jesus Christ

    Great article Jack. I’m very impressed that you guys are considered Experts at bike commuting!

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