Planet Bike SuperFlash TURBO Recap

Ok, as a brain refresher here is a link to the original post:

Well folks. It’s a unanimous decision. The Super Flash TURBO is a winner! Although my initial post was dated in March, I had been using the TURBO since late January. Day and Night, Night and Day. Rain – CHECK. SNOW – CHECK. SNAIL – CHECK.

The TURBO light pattern is VERY attention grabbing. AND the 1 watt LED is BRIGHT! My wife usually whined about riding behind me.

The original batteries that came with the light held up the entire time. In fact they just barely gave out last week. 4+ months run time is not bad at all! The light began to shut off on it’s own, so I shelved it and grabbed my old standard Super Flash in the interim.

So Monday morning, I slapped in some brand new ‘AAA’ batteries, jumped on my commuter bike – a 5″ travel mountain behemoth (take that Selk!), and pedaled frantically so that I would beat the lines at VooDoo Donuts. Since I hadn’t a minute to spare AND I didn’t have the PB seatpost bracket mounted, I simply utilized the tail light loop on my messenger bag. “Good enough”, I thought.

2 miles into my 5 mile commute, I heard what sounded like plastic hitting the pavement. I figured it was my 2.3″ tires kicking up some road debris. The lines at VooDoo were out the door already, so I pedaled on to the shop.
I arrived at work feeling fresh as always. As I pulled my bag over my head to set it down..GASP!!!!
The Super Flash TURBO had vanished!
That sound I heard was the TURBO hitting the pavement…

So, in the end here is what I determined:

PB Superflash CLIP

If PB could work on the clip grip, my grade is “A++” , but for now I simply give it an “A”.


  1. Matt

    Planet Bike needs to work on their attachment clips. My Superflash has fallen off I don’t even know how many times (to their credit, it is still working though!). Recently I lost another PB light when it fell off my bike and I didn’t notice.

    Seems many I know have also had trouble attaching PB lights to rear racks (myself included).

  2. harry krishna

    i share your pain. i have endangered my life several times in retrieving fallen flashers. while not a firm policy, i now believe it’s better to lose 3 $10 flashers as opposed to one pb superflash.

  3. Juan

    The NiteRider CherryBomb clips are no better. Dropped mine recently. Salvaged it after finding all the pieces. The TL3.0 has a better clip, but too bad my light fell apart at the seam and I lost the lens half 🙁

  4. Sam

    I have lost a superflash that way. Haven’t yet invested in the turbo, but I do love the original. Other than the clip.

  5. Jeremy

    I use my PB Superflash on and off mtb trails. I’ve dropped the PB a few times but solved the problem by rubberbanding the PB. The rubberband goes horizontally across the middle of the PB between the two lights. When mounted on the strap, the rubberband should end up below the strap giving the clip a tighter grip thereby making it less likely to fall off.

  6. Cliff

    The link to the donut house is shortsighted imho.They have a donut known as cock-n-balls?! Here in my fair city we have No porn allowed there.
    That’s just sick!!

  7. Mir.I.Am

    Superflash and Superflash knock off, both clips go kerplunk in the street! Nice tip on the rubberband… I settled for seatpost mount and much less kerplunking.

  8. Mike Myers

    Planet Bike makes a rack mount for the superflash. I have the rack on my commuter and the light hasn’t budged. It also clips tightly to the blinkie strap on my Bell Metro helmet. I also haven’t had it come unattached from my Carradice saddlebag, on which the blinkie strap is made of thick leather. But I had to put a rubberband on the blinkie I clipped to my seatbag on another bike. Why? Because I hit a bump and the SF bounced down the road.

    I think the SF clip needs to be tighter when used on fabric blinkie straps. But the rubberband is cheap.

  9. Steve A

    I have never lost a PB back light as described. I have, however had them have switches go bad and leak water into them. They also eat batteries quicker than my other tail lights. I guess it just shows we all fail our lights in different ways!

  10. Ghost Rider

    The Superflash and Turbo both have the same mounting clip…and I’ve bucked a few off on rides.

    Interestingly, the rack bracket that Mike mentioned is a winner…it’s way more secure than even the seatpost bracket. Plus, I am happy PB includes such a bracket in the packaging…too many other light makers neglect us rackies!!!

  11. Mir.I.Am

    Time out: “SNAIL-CHECK” WTF!!??? It rains/snows/snails in Portland!!?? you crazies.

  12. Joey R.

    I use a simple rubberband around my flashers to keep them nice and secure on my bag. Have not dropped a light since. It only takes a second to remove and does not require tools, and they dont block light too much.

  13. Raiyn

    @ Ghost
    Wait, your’s came with rack mounts? I had to order ours separately from PB. Granted they were cheap and shipped for free but I wish they’d have included them with ours.

  14. Ghost Rider

    @Raiyn…I thought they did, but now that I’m trying to think back, I don’t really remember. I know I ordered extras from PB to fit some other bikes. My memory ain’t what it used to be.

    I know for sure that the PDW Radbot lights (another excellent light choice) come with rack brackets, and they use the exact same mounting clip as PB lights.

  15. Raiyn

    @ Ghost

    No big surprise there. The PDW boys are ex-PB’ers.

  16. Alex

    I have no issue with the PBSF rack mount, but for the one I keep on my messenger bag, I use a zip tie instead of a rubber band. Have had no problems with it falling off in the last two years.

  17. Marla Gnarla

    I love the PB Superflash, but also have had the light bounce out of the mount a couple of times. Once while going down a curb and the light hit the ground, popped open and went everywhere. Fortunately no cars around to run it all over.

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