Interbike 2011: SKS Germany

We took a visit to the SKS Germany booth to check out their commuter products.


If you look at the Longboard, it offers almost 3/4 wrap around the rear wheel, offering the best spray protection on the market.

Their classic Chainboards are always a hit with commuters.

The Cage box allows you to store tools, pumps and etc.

SKS Germany is a company worth considering when you’re searching for commuter essentials such as fenders, chain boards, lights and etc.


  1. Jay

    My wife and I just bought new touring bikes and had our LBS install those SKS Longboard fenders. The coverage on that front fender borders on ridiculous, wrapping so far down the bottom of the wheel with only a couple inches of clearance from the ground. The guys at the bike shop apparently hadn’t installed any of these before, and were concerned that they might have installed them incorrectly, because “they just can’t go down THAT far, can they?!” It was pretty funny.

    I think they’re awesome fenders, and they’re going to be amazing in rain, but I could actually see them being too long for winter riding. They’re so long, and curve inward with the tire at the bottom of the wheel, that the fender might actually work like a “scoop” to collect snow and slush. They’re on our new touring bikes, which we don’t plan to ride in the winter, so they’ll be great for us. But it’s worth considering if you plan to put them on a winter bike.

  2. Crystal Trout

    Jay–thanks for your great comments about the Longboard. We are excited you are so happy with your SKS products. The mudflap/spoiler extension at the base of each fender profile is easily removable. Just push the expansion pin back through the washer and the spoiler slips off the profile. This makes the fender friendly for snow riding. Thank you again!!!

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