Interbike 2011: Dutch ID, a Sub-$900 Cargo Bike

In the same booth as the Footbike I just posted, Dutch ID was being featured by Jeff Oakie. This is the sub-$900 Cargo Bike by Dutch ID. Jeff is looking to distribute Dutch ID in the US and hopes to spread the word about their bikes.



Full fenders and more rack space than you can think of, a commuter’s dream!

Can’t go wrong with Nexus.

Fully covered chain guard.


  1. Raiyn

    I’d love to see this one get reviewed.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Ouuu…me too! Soma is coming out with a similar bike, but at a much higher pricepoint.

  3. Celos

    At that price point, assuming build and ride quality, I’d be seriously interested.

  4. Celos

    ….that should have read “assuming decent build and ride quality”.

  5. Mike Myers

    Looks really similar to the Civia Hyland but at a cheaper price. Good for them. I would suggest they include a big basket, even if it gets the price up a bit. Usefulness right out of the gate is a big selling point.

  6. Mike Myers

    Make that the Civia HALSTED.

  7. James

    Put some kind of box on the front and I’d buy it! We need more sub $1000 cargo bikes for working class people. This is a step in the right direction.

  8. Jeff

    I am really having a blast rolling this DutchID for all of my errands. My Xtracycle is getting dusty, and this is the reason why. This is my first dedicated Cargo Bike and now know that I needed one about 10 years ago. I added the largest plastic bin to the front that I could find for about $28. Go check out and you will see their Cargo Selection, they may have also included their award winning Electric Bike Designs to the site. Either way, we will make sure that Bike Commuters get a chance to ride and review these nicely crafted machines. Cheers, Jeff

  9. Stet

    Is anyone selling the Dutch ID filibus on the West Coast; near San Fran?


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