Fashionista Meets Hi-Viz Yellow? Supermodels look good in anything…

SOOOOOOOOOOOO a friend of mine emailed me this link to an article from a design blog called   Funny, the title of their blog conjures images of the highschoolers in trucker hats with red flannel and rifles more than their self proclaimed synonymousness with “with seeking inspiration.” Oops, guess I just have deer on the brain!

Corset time, suck it in cycle ladies! I guess this works for those who don't wear backpacks to commute.

Anyway, the article highlights VESPERTINE, a fluorescent hi-viz inspired “chic” clothing company for women cyclists out of NYC.  Not gonna lie, I myself have dreamed of a number of staple items in my closet coming in reflective 3M piping and hi-viz yellow on several  occasions.  However, I would never have guessed in a million century rides that someone would actually fabricate them for purchase online in exchange for hundreds of dollars!!!  Here’s what VESPERTINE has to say about their flashy selves:

Also good for pedestrian crossings. "BRING IT MACK TRUCK! I have a superstar like Mario Brothers! It's ON!"

Entirely  Made in New York City’s garment district, Vespertine uses sustainable materials, like our eco-circle 100% recycled polyester, as well as exclusive fabrics sourced from small European mills and beyond. Our highly reflective materials are from 3M and ANSI and EN 471 compliant.

Envisioning urban landscapes illuminated by eye-catching, traffic-stopping duds, Vespertine is convinced that safe is chic and cycling is a revolutionary act which sets good karma spinning. To further this vision and spread our love for the ride, we’ve pledged 1% of our profits to the extraordinary non-profit World Bicycle Relief.

The truth is, this vespertine model would look hot in neon body paint on her commute; she probably sweats iridescent simple syrup.

Okay… aye forgibb you for your high priced sexy reflective women’s cycling gear because 1% is donated to World Bicycle Relief.  Whaddya say BikeCommuters readers and Cycle Ladies?  Ridiculous? or Fashionista Genius?  You know my answer, 300 bones for a neon yellow ostrich vest?  No thanks, I’ll save that cash moolah for a touring trip, thank you.  And on to the photos where supermodels look good in everything:

No helmet hair here, ladies! Oh how I do LOVE hologram shiz like Lisa Frank!

Ostrich PARTY!!!!

Speaking of Lisa Frank: apparently pink vest also works in daytime for sassy vesperTEEN on and off the bike.

This does, however, make me inspired to sew reflective piping onto my normal everyday clothes and sit on a concrete seal in a playground… or not. I’ll just buy my crazy spandex from Vamos Threads on etsy.


  1. Steve A

    I’m a bit confused about ANYTHING this post has to do with bike commuting. Please clarify.

  2. Mir.I.Am (Post author)

    Steve A: I was cracking up about these hi-viz fashion vests. My friend sent me the article. I am wondering, what do our readers think about wearing “hi-fashion” hi-viz? My personal opinion is less is more, I’ll go for the $5 neon yellow shirt at home depot please. Would this be an option for “beautiful godzillas” (reference bnsnyc) to be more visible on the road? Or is this just plain ridiculous?!

  3. Darren Alff

    I am all for people doing whatever they want with their lives and being creative and all of that, but I don’t see this company selling more than a handful of these things. If they were cheaper, someone might purchase them as a gag gift, but I don’t know how many women would actually WANT one of these things (let alone want something like this that costs so much). I could be totally wrong, but…

  4. Elizabeth

    Good idea … in theory. But I think I could pull out my own sewing machine. I do love the reflectiveness!

  5. Steve A

    Actually, when I commute (which is five days a week on average), I do what most commuters do – I grab what is in the closet that is appropriate for the weather. Often as not, that item is dark with no high vis properties whatsoever. Should I live in fear as a result? Perhaps that fear should arise from – THE FASHION POLICE!

  6. Ghost Rider

    Look hot while you commute, and be safe as a bonus — this actually IS a good idea, and a lot of the pieces are actually sexy…but DAMN, the prices are a bit outrageous. I mean, yes, “handmade in NYC” is probably worth some extra, but a real way to help such creations catch on is to help make them a bit more affordable for someone who’s not a well-heeled socialite.

  7. Graham

    If I look good while riding my bike (highly doubtful) I can promise you that it isn’t because of what I’m wearing. For that kind of money, I could purchase a lot of bike geek stuff!

  8. d.d.abs

    pump up the tron to level 11

  9. BluesCat

    Heck with the HiVis fashions, I wanna go riding with ALL of those models!

    Seriously, though, with three taillights, two headlights, the reflective tape on the panniers and rack bag, and the reflectors on the wheels … I don’t see how I could get any MORE “reflectorized”.


    I want a 200 lb middle-aged man version with actual corset functionality. I am SO TIRED of sucking in my gut while I beautiful manzilla my way to work…

  11. Mir.I.Am (Post author)

    Do you think Vespertine takes personal requests? I would like a custom neon yellow + reflective bibs! @RANTWICK you are crackin me uppppppp! “beautiful manzilla”. add that to urban dictionary.

  12. Ghost Rider

    @Ranty, we’ll contact Vespertine and see if they’ll entertain your request — you make me laugh, as always!

  13. Jane

    I think I will stick to my horribly unfashionable (but cheap and effective!) reflective vest I bought from mlb. Like Steve A said, I usually throw on whatever is available, and it is usually dark, so I keep my reflective vest in my bag to throw on over my clothes if I find myself riding in the dark. But…some of the fashions above may go over better when I get home to my hubby…

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